Choosing a new mobile phone

I currently have an HTC not so smart phone which is driving me mad. It's fiddly to use and has the attractive habit of phoning people at odd hours of the night and turning itself off just for the pleasure of it.
We're going to part company tomorrow and I'm looking for suggestions for a smart phone which is easy to use with shaky hands. It needs to be able to receive e-mails, Internet, texts and have bells and whistles in general as I use it for work.
I'm considering a Blackberry as it has a proper keyboard although I was wondering about the stylus-operated mobiles as well. Anybody have any views on iPhones perhaps?

Any advice gratefully received.
Hi get a phone with proper keys on it like the blackberry I am not sure but some people have a problem with blackberry (don't know why!
I have a sony ericson exara8 but on a bad day I hve problems hitting the keys.
cheers Oldboy walk a lot 74 in June. :laughing:
Hi Guys,

I am now on my 7th BlackBerry, and I would recommend them to anybody, especially for texting and even e-mails - their great.


Whatever u get dont bother looking at the galaxy ace even with a stylus its not pd friendly!

Big c
Whatever u get dont bother looking at the galaxy ace even with a stylus its not pd friendly!

Big c
Oops see what i meen!!
I'd like a phone with a soft ear piece so it doesn't hurt so much when I start smacking it off my head.

One that doesn't convert mushroom curry into mussel curry when ordering a Chinese.

One that can automatically relay my repeat prescription, and collect it.

Talking of tablets must rush.
Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I'm going to chew them over with my pizza later this evening.
Have a good bank holiday.
Ive found the perfect mobile;- the samsung note! My hubby has had one for a couple of weeks and im very impressed!

Its bigger than a mobile yet smaller than a tablet
voice activated / touch screen
stylus supplied
txt/email can be hand written or verbal (mobile converts to text)

Overal its better than most smart phones but still not perfect!

I swear by Doro mobiles. Very basic but dead easy to use. Nice big buttons. Brightly illuminated screen. Speak out loud function. A one touch "I need help" panic button, which can be set to alert a friend or neighbour in the event of an accident. Even a loud alarm call which will alert passers by if necessary. There are several models. Check out the website.
The mobile phone I Chose was the Binatone Big Button Mobile Phone BB200. Very easy to use. It has a brilliant feature of a big red alert button at the back. All you do is press and hold that button for 3 seconds and it automatically rings 3 preset numbers and sends them a text message at the same time. The speaker phone is automatically engaged so you don't have to hold the phone. If none of the 3 preset numbers answer their phone it will then auto dial 911. Again with speaker phone. With built in GPS as well it doesn't matter if you don't know where you are they will find you.

I would love to have one of the new touch/slide phones, but as a PD and Arthritis sufferer, it would be totally impractical.