Christmas Dinner!

Hi i`m looking forward to Christmas day and as usual i`m catering for all my close family i.e. parents, children + partners, in-laws and husband (10 in total). I`ve done this for a number of years and even though i have plenty of help have found i`m moving a lot slower ad can`t multi task! Has any one got any solution to make things easier/quicker other than eating out?

I know the time will come when i can`t cope any more but i just love a family Christmas and hope to carry on as long as i can.

Chris x
Big C hello,

Have you thought about buying your food stuff from Mick & Spencer? I have been buying their ready prepared foods for a couple of years. Their stuffed turkey crown or breast are excellent value and no waste at all, pop into oven for time stated, also their veg selection is good no messing about, all in trays ready for the oven.

I have also been told the land of ice does a good joint but have not tried their stuff.

Other than getting the family roped in to help prepare veg etc the day before I can offer no other help.

What ever you do, don't be killing yourself over it and try to enjoy.

My best wishes to you and yours for Christmas and I hope 2012 will be good to us all.

Radz x
Hi Big c Quite a few years ago i invested in a hostess trolley. Its large and old fashioned but to me its a gods send. My OH does all the cooking now and he wouldn't be with out it.May be one could be on your Christmas list
get someone else to cook, sit back and enjoy, that is my plan
Hi everyone out there,

Xmas is fast approaching and whether you have a family around you or are all alone, whether you are cooking or not, I want to send you my warmest wishes for a peaceful time over the festive season and a kind 2012!
If you are alone do not get depressed, just think the holiday season is temporary and will soon pass! Watch uplifting or funny things on TV.

Keep warm and smiling!

Hi thanks for all your reply's and i agree with angel4u i also have a very old hostess trolley and couldn`t manage without it along with my husband.
I don`t think we (pd sufferers)know how much our partners go through and how stressful life can be for them. My partner is always there when i need help and support, a shoulder to cry on and always a positive word when i`m down. I must admit M&S sounds a good idea though he knows how to work the microwave!!

I would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy Christmas and thank you all for making me feel part of the group, its great to know your not the only person with pd and look forward to 2012 and meeting more friends.

Chris x:stuck_out_tongue:
Hi All,

Xmas day is hubby and the kids which is manageable,I have open house on Boxing Day and for the first time I have asked all guest to bring a tray of something which they have been more than willing to do...hopefully this will work out ok as this is my first year with PD.

I hope everyone has a fun but restfull christmas with the people we are close to.

Hi all ,I'm a bit worried too as I usually have "all the family " for New years day evening and this year I know I am slower and stiffer .I intend to do as much as possible before the day --some great Jamie Oliver recipes on the net ! :wink:
I am very similar to Denise, Xmas lunch is OH and grown up children. I used to have 10-12 for lunch so 4 is easy. Time with both children is very precious. Last year I put my foot down and insisted that one of my brothers had mum for Christmas day.Mum has dementia and is hard work and I am her main carer. I have 3 brothers and none of them had ever invited our parents. Last year dad was in a home and we visited Christmas day but he died last May.
The next day 25+ come and I ask them all to bring a plate of food. It works brilliantly. I was dx oct10 and did this last year.
Hey folks don't forget it's supposed to be a celebration not a punishment; you sound like you're working overtime by anyone's standards PD or not!I take my hat off to you but I'm not doing it myself!!