Christmas Dinner

I,ve got my Freezer meal Turkey dinner in the freezer for tomorrow, I wish Parkinsons would stop using that saying, you don't have to go it alone, I can asure you I am totally on my own & will be on my own tomorrow when I eat my freezer meal. sad

Hello Krystal

I know some people hate Christmas on their own and some can enjoy it.  I hope you will have a pleasant day.  I shall spend the day caring for my OH who has advanced PD and is very poorly with a heavy cold - hard to breathe and harder to cough.  We`re also having an easy meal which I shall hope to have when he`s awake so he can have a few bites.

I`ll be wishing you well and will try to log on to say `happy christmas` to you tomorrow.

Bye for now


Hi all....well i have Parky, my Husband has just had 2 major Brain surgerys, one to remove a large tumour and a shunt fitted to relieve Hydrocephalus. I am so grateful that he is here for Christmas as it was not expected at one point and so i will be pulling out all the stops and cooking up a feast for us and our wonderful family tomorrow. Tonight we are having dinner at our Sons and girlfiend with her family which will be lovely as it also gives me a break. Saturday we are off for a Twixmas break so no cooking then either yay!!! Its once a year and i love it....Santa will be calling and the reindeers will be fed !!! sounds like i need my medication lol !!!!!!! Have a great time everyone and make the most of eveything! enjoy

love Dolly xx

Enjoy your self you've earned it :-))

Happy Christmas Krystal, hope you enjoy your lunch and have a good day


Sorry I did'nt wish you a Happy Christmas hope you had a good one, I did have a parkinsons nurse Annette who I had since the start but she left a few months ago there is another one but I don't really know her, but will see her when I need too but you are only allowed 2 visits a year now. At the same time by GP left don't like the new one perfer female. Did join a group  but they were very clicky don't have a car now.

I do write a bit of poetry but only in the middle of the night will put some more on, thought more people would have read it.Thank you for reading it & your contact very much appreicated.

 Krystal xXx