Christmas gift ideas

Hello everyone.  I hope you don`t think it is too early to think about Christmas but if you need to buy all your gifts on-line it`s never too early to start is it?

I`m looking for ideas on gifts that you can recommend for some-one with PD .  I`ve just bought the large-piece jigsaw from the PD shop but that won`t be enough.

These are my recommended ideas if you are stuck like me:

A Culinaire One-Touch jar opener

A Ring Pull Can Opener.  We got ours from www.aidapt /

A towelling dressing gown for help drying after a bath.  Not too heavy or it is difficult to manoeuvre.

Actually all these are good ideas too for people lucky enough not to have PD.

Hope you all have a good day today.


A Lovely warm Slanket ( blanket with sleeves) , A Dvd favourite and some Nilaqua waterless bathing products


 I dont like christmas,why is it peace and goodwill (and massive profits) for 1 day,then back to our favourite passtimes of destroying our world and blowing each other into eversmaller pieces the next,   I much prefer my method of being kind generous thoughtfull helpfull etc etc, all year and grumpy at christmas, I save all my venom for the bad guys all year, and let them have it at the end of it (the year). I know I will attract more flak than 10 thousand bomber raids of WW2 but  I CANT HELPIT  how can there be so much celebration and waste when there is so much need and pain,

                                                  FED                      BAH HUMBUG             

Alice thank you for your ideas.  I`d heard about the slanket but couldn`t remember what it was called and I`ve made a note about the Nilaqua products.  I`ve arranged for a carer to start next month, every morning, to help with getting OH up and I`ll see what she thinks.  If she doesn`t want them I could just order enough for me to use at bedtime.

Fed, I`m sorry you find it all so disturbing.  I think it is a good time to show `I love you, I`ve thought about you` and to enjoy company.  No need to buy expensive or useless or unwanted gifts so we are swapping ideas for things that will be useful and enjoyed.  Even Scrooge had a change of heart so why not you too?  Take care and mind the blood pressure.

Best wishes


Hi Fed

Must say I'm with you on this one never have had much time for the whole spend what you don't have eat what you don't need n drink yourself into a stupor, just to line the pockets of a few people who already have more money than there ever going to spend.

I might be more inclined to join in if pop stars sports stars n the wealthy put there own cash to good use and gave it to charity....................rant rant rant my oh gets me a bah humbug hat every year to wear .

Live well.    Cc


          Hello Cc,  I wish I could go back to when my children were 4 to 11yrs I did enjoy that time as their exitement was infectious they were innocent and I guarded them from the worlds evils, but when they became teenagers, well need I SAY MORE things became rather fraut and frosty and of course boy friends,, all were treat with suspicion and were treat with grumpy acceptance, I was a inexperienced boyteensexmaniac but I had no idea why, and I could see me in them I hated them, they posed a threat,,one thug who was twice my size was collared by his, well collar and escorted from the premises,I CAUGHT MY YOUNGEST and this creature lost in deep passion,, !!! on my lawn,, ON MY BL????Y LAWN, so it  was goodbye  to him and goodnight to her, she had just turned 14, but the world turned ON A COLD AND GREY CHIGAGO MORN ANOTHER LITTLE  BABY CHILD WAS BORN,, who sang those words and what was the song , AND NOW THEY ARE  both in their 40s and have their own kids,where did the  time  go Cc its terrifying the rate of  knots that time has attained, and now I am 64 and lumbered with one of natures cruelist weapons, and its a one way trip , Oh bugger I must sound a  miserable old git, but that is not true, I  NOW LAUGH ABOUT IT with my kids, and my grandkids, but thats another storey, do any kids  anywhere say THANKYOU NOW it simply is not part of their vocabulary, we opened savings accounts for all five of my grandchildren specificly planned to produce £ 2500 to £3000 when they attained 18 with the  proviso that they will have plans, either uni  or apprenticeship whatever if no effort was shown then the age of release would be 21, my oldest  grandson J loves cooking and wants to train as a chef,  so he recieved his funds as planned at  18, now call me mr picky, but if someone gave me a cheque for  2600£ I would have the decency to say thank you, so we waited and waited and waited, but no , no thankyou, it was THREE MONTHS later when I was visiting my daughters, who  should  have ensured he behaved in the correct way and  said THANKYOU, so I decided to ask him if he had recieved the money otherwise I would have to start a investigation if it had gone missing, OH YES MY MUM HAS BANKED IT FOR ME the day after he recieved it, and so I said   " whats that word  erm  eh  you know, that word when someone gives you  £2600 er begins with a T"    OH  THANKS  and that was it, so I just give  up, as I KNOW the same will occur when the others recieve their hand outs, am I expecting too much.

                                               Kindest Regards Fed

Hello Alice

Your suggestion of a Slanket for Christmas must have reached a lot of people before I saw it because there don`t seem to be any left for sale.  Perhaps the factory has stopped making them.

But thank you for the idea.


Hi Fed

 Elvis in the ghetto.  Well he's not in the ghetto.     He's in a box last I heard        Or on an alien space ship.      

Who knows    Then again who cares.        Well I suppose he would      Never did get on the whole king of rock thing myself...... I was more in to Black sabbath n later Alice Cooper.           Don't like much of modern stuff but that's just old age I guess ..........still never mind it will soon be Christmas lets have some nuts ..........mind you there's enough nuts in charge to have Christmas every day ............then again youngsters today think it is


 Live well.  Cc

Hi Hatknitter! They have some Slankets under the name of snugglewraps on Amazon at the moment just replaced ours.

they are great for the cold wintery weather!


Thank you Alice for your link.  I`ve got one ordered now.  Hope OH will like it.

Best wishes


Also, the great idea is scale model kits. It's interesting and you cand spend your time amusingly.  I presented them to my brother and he seems to like it.