hi wots everyone up to over the christmas festive season?

im getting so excited as normal:smile:i got all me pressys ,just gotta wait for help with rapping xmas tree goes up 1st december ,it makes me bunglow feel all happy ,and i eel all happy then to.:smile:
Hi Ali J
We moved house this summer so we will have to find new places to put the tree, niblles and cards - exciting. We are having Christmas lunch on 2nd Decemebr when all my children and grandchildren can get together so that's something to look forward to!
i've bought myself my present and am happily playing with it (an amp with effects for guitar). i seem to have a slight compulsion to buy musical instruments.
at least its not sports cars.
not going to beach until after xmas. Xmas menu has already been planned - 10 time. Just another 70ish versions to go. mrs t likes xmas especialy planning.
looking forward to a break. very much.
that wil be loveley jenny to catch up with family:smile:moving house is on big task it self ant it,im glad im settled now.i have thought of moving few months ago,but the thought of it now puts me looking forward to the pd group meal,th one last year was great,a thre course meal, lovley jubley.and we hire a big room in a hotel and we dunna have to worry bout spilling our food cus of th shakes etc:smile:
actually, I used to be bahumbug about the whole thing.
This year, however, I am going to bite the bullet and shock all with my domesticity.
Xmas one-handed, now there's an idea.
I make my own cards and have them printed. Just got to write them.
Hey ho.
Hi sll
Glad your all looking forward to finding it hard to bother this year.cant get out the house and jump in the car no more or even walk the normal Xmas shop is out the window.4.11am and still not tired what a life this pd is a pain.john
Christmas presents are bought and wrapped. Cards written and taking out a mortgage to buy the stamps!!!!!

Going to my eldest sons for Christmas day, bliss, no cooking. then a whole family get together on Boxing day. 27 of us in my sisters house, rather her than me.

Can't wait, I love Christmas !!

I want to get a tree but will have to wait or it will look like a dead stick on Christmas day, I hate waiting.

The shops are looking very festive and I could happily stay on the garden centre for two weeks looking at all the Christmas stuff.

I think I will start dressing the house though, lights in the conservatory, garlands up the stairs etc. I wish I had a real fire, radiators just don't cut it at Christmas.

my hubby is like a big kid at xmas but always trys to act as though he is not excited he would have the house like santas grotto if i let him, we have to endure watching all the xmas films over and over, he is itching to get the deco,s up but we always wait until after the 1st as a mark of respect to my neice who died on that day 23yrs ago, but then its all systems go i love puting the deco,s up but by the time xmas is nearly over i cant wait to take them down, xmas day is usually just me my hubby and the 3 kids if you can call them kids (22,25,28 ) but i think this will be our last xmas together as they all have partners my daughter is moving into her own house my oldest son will be moving in with his girlfriend the youngest will probably be still at home for now, boxing day this year my nephew and his family are coming up from warwickshire to say goodbye they are off to australia to live dont know when we will see them again so it will be an emotional xmas this year but i wish them all the luck and love in the world, and this year am actually going out on newyears eve never been out at newyear for a long time and thats my xmas this year, i know its a bit early but merry xmas all sue.