Chronic back pain

have a lecky bed ,which has helped me alot ,it has same positions as a hospital bed ,but looks simualr to a divan bed ,but mines double,cus i love me space:wink:
Hi Ray. O/h suffers crippling back pain all the time and mine is far from good. We bought a brilliant bed from Ikea with the best mattress they had to offer which is fairly firm and on my fantastic physio's recommendation bought a softer mattress pad to go on top.

The difference to our respective back pains was remarkable. However. We made the mistake of buying one with a frame which the mattress drops into by about 6" and bed making day is pretty awful as you have to lift the mattress right up to get the sheet under under it.

Ikea does mail order by the way.
Morning Ray and here in Lincolnshire it's beautifully sunny for Mother's Day.
Choosing a bed that will suit you both is not an easy task. I have put it off for 20 more years than I ought, LOL since the average 'life' of a bed used daily is 10-15years. One that springs (sorry) to mind is the one shown on TV with the hippopotamus and the duckling (and Ray, I'm not suggesting that either you of your lovely lady is a duck!). It has individual pocket spring which are independent of each other.
The overall height of the bed is important and must be high enough that neither you nor especially, your bionic wife, has difficulty in standing up from.
As a side, it would be worthwhile raising the foot of the bed, when it is installed to get good venous drainage from swollen ankles and lower leg, which often occurs after joint replacement. You can buy ready made blocks, or I have used two bricks with the end legs or casters resting in the frog. As a chair raise, I have put a wooden block within a foot length of plastic down pipe for each chair leg, my Mum convalesced with us after her 4 hip and first knee replacements! Another tip is to put a pillow under the mattress at the foot of the bed. That way you get a gently rising slope and the overall aesthetics are good.
Last but not least, you honestly get what you pay for, no need to pay for a Name, but those less expensive beds may use lighter gauge springs and consequently have a shorter life.
Please read my earlier suggestions for trying out the bed in the shop for at least 20 minutes a go. Happy hunting, best wishes,
We have just bought a new bed despite the memory foam not being that old. It is the longest time we have taken to choose anything.John hates shopping, so it is usually a five minute job.
Anyway these are our experiences. It appears that some large chains tell you a bed is half price.It is not.They have a firm make a bed specifically for them, have it for sale at a ridiculously high price in one of their stores somewhere in the country and then tell you it is half price, when it is its the price of the equivelent bed made by the manufacturer. I think the high priced one tours the country.I found out this wheeze by being equally devious and phoning the manufacturer and then phoning the various bed selling branches all over the country.Tne warning sign is when they pressure you by saying things like, "I can only hold it for that price for......".or "The manager is away so....."
We bought the best pocket sprung we could afford, but we stupidly did not think that quality comes with weight, where beds are concerned. As we too have a wooden frame bedstead, it is wonderfully comfortable but nearly impossible to make as we cannot lift the corners.
P.s Beautiful day here in Devon,too.Primroses are out and so are the wood anemones.
Wow, thanks everyone, that's really useful. Seems we have a really major project (not to mention expense) ahead! I think I'll have to call a meeting of the slumber committee, i.e. get the o/h to plan and arrange everything.

The only aspect of such a project that can really make my blood boil is the salesmen. They can drive you close to suicide/homicide!

No salesmen at Ikea. Just don't go without a wheelchair!!!
Oh dear ECD if I may call you that. Isn't it a pain? Never had such a comfortable bed. Ours is high, which we love because we're both tall but so hate bed making day!

The primroses are out here too and the banks in the lanes are covered in violets.

said Zebedee.
Luckily as it is Mothers' Day son called with oldest grandchildren in tow,so we all rotated the mattress,as you are supposed to do monthly(You must be joking) and then son lifted mattress and grandchildren tucked the sheets in. Better present to have that done than the orchid.Every one saying to each other,"Bend your knees to lift." Actually it was a jolly moment.So a hateful job became quite enjoyable.
swimming can help for back pain?
I have had severe back pain for the last six weeks. Have been diagnosed Parkinsons for two years, but am told I have had PD for many years.

My back pain is right across my pelvis and the pain is sometimes right off the scale. It is worst after sitting down for a while and also just after getting up in the morning.

It is like an electric shock, exactly like a nerve is being shorted out, like a badly insulated wire. Am going to my GP in a few days (waiting list for a week for appointments!). I have tried Paracetamel and Ibuprofen to no effect.
My husband suffered from the time I met him at 20 . He is now 79 , and eventually diagnosed 7 Years ago .

His pain was generally on the right side . shoulder/neck , saw his Gp and works Dr was pulled and stretched at various time to no avail . he continued to suffer . He swam almost daily during his lunch break thinking it might help .

Once diagnosed at the age of seventy , he prescribed Sinemet . I cannot say that it has helped at all unfortunately .other than the painful right side shoulder neck which is also the Worse Parkinsons side . No pain at all in that area now . Would you believe his biggest problem now ia the pain in his knee caps which also collapses his knee . He has very little mobility . Three years ago he had a patella femoral replacement , still no better and a month ago had an arthroscopy in the same knee .

He now is in a wheelchair .

He is not in any pain until he stands and puts his knees under load and then it is excruciating . .

I have been reading all the posts and can follow what you mean when you talk about shoes and how the feet roll one way or the other .
His rolls inwards . I have bought some inserts . .

Although lighter now has always been overweight .

He can only take Paracetamol which are as much use as a chocolate teapot because he is also on Warfarin and the others cause him other problems .

Do you think it could be nerve pain . Maybe we should thank our lucky stars he isn't in any other pain ..!!!!

It been a bit like the chicken egg syndrome which come first the Parkinsons or knee pain .

He has always said it the knees but I am not so sure . .

Open to any ideas.

Hi Trinny,

I experienced severe lower back pain before diagnosis and pd medication seemed to control it for a while.  I could not stand up straight for several minutes after being static for some time and sudden movements were excruciatingly painful (video of me trying to put tights on would have been a you tube hit!).

After 18 months the back pain has returned and I had forgotten how debilitating it can be.  I find heat patches alternated with ice pack help and most importantly regular movement.  I am seeing my consultant shortly and had planned to ask him whether he can suggest any adjustment to my pd medication and will keep you posted. 

good luck


have you tried bilat lumber injections i have them every six months !chronic back pain,ask to get referred to pain clinic


            Hello Trinny, I have suffered with severe back pain for 19 yrs  it has worsened in that time as parky tightened its grip,execise helps but it also hurts, I also have the delightful prostate cancer and one of the symptoms of that is very severe back pain I am checked at regular intervals and have been assured it is not prostate causing the back pain, so thats ok then? Ifind Parrots eat them all, is a very effective painkiller so that is wot  eye  yews,sorry a bit silly there.

                                           Kind Regards Fed

Hi Trinny....I have also had back pain for the last 30 years which started with sciatica....then 24 years ago i was hit by a taxi abroad and suffered 3 fractures to the Pelvis which caused excrutiating pain. I have had so many cortisone injections, nerve root blocks, physio, pain management clinic (waste of time) they taught me how to be happy with my pain!! and very powerful painkillers which just put me on another planet!!! The best thing that worked and still does for me is wearing a TENS machine, mine is about 16 years old. When it is worn on the correct area it takes that edge off. Also gentle movement and stretches (when the pain allows). I have prolapse discs and arthritis in the spine and basically it is a bit of a mess but i pace myself (sometimes)!!!! i enjoy dancing again and wear the TENS if i need never goes away completely but it is manageable. It is true that the PD exacerbates pain, i guess that is also down to posture, Parky has a lot to answer for. 

Bestest wishes


Hi Cutiepie, long time no post, but yep, back pain is now one of my biggest problems.  I think gentle exercise and physio probably works best, however after a bad fall I am waiting for a scan as there is a possibility I have fractured my sacrum.  As I get older the wear and tear of the PD is one of my biggest concerns because being in such pain is miserable.  Sally.



back pain has become the baine of my life.  I have had PD for 9 years and the last couple have been made even more miserable because of the constant pain in my lower back.  I am now trying to fight back.  I have taken up  ti chi which helps to straighten the core muscles and also improves your stance.   Also, i have been given a tens machine and that has really helped. I put the pads on the lowest part of my back for 30 minutes each day...if you have a pacemaker or the like, you cannot use it.  Hope this is useful...good luck



               Hello All

                              I have endured viscous Dyskinesia, I think its one week today it fired up and has gradually worsened ,it has the same effect as jogging, FOR 24HRS,7 DAYS no let up, it has activated a entirely new version of pain  in my lower back, I can reduce but not eliminate the severity by taking PCMLs I cannot take any other pain relief especially brands with any form of Coanybrandatalls as the effects are  horrific, the dreams and halucinations already produced by our mutual enemy BLACKHEART PD,sounds like a  low  budget tv detective series ?   , are  accentuated to a  level where insanity waits,, so my pain level is now in a region only shared by those unfortunate enough to be targeted in the lower regions by a high speed cricket ball or having a limb amputated, minus anaesthetic, in fact as I have mentioned, I also have prostate cancer, one of the symptoms of PC is very very high pain levels in the lower back, I have been reassured that it is not PC causing the pain,but PD is  aided and abetted by DSKY this makes,  1 moving in any direction, ie up down left right and any or all of those, very painful, and 2,all of the previously mentioned while attempting to attain the unattainable,,which is immobility, and the reason?? yes you've guessed it DSKY,,was this a song by the Village People?, isnt nature wonderful.

                             Kindest Regards to all        FED