Chronic dandruff

Salutations to all,
I wondered if any members have any remedies for the above topic?
Be they home grown/ made or perhaps guide me to any previous related topics on this forum.
I have tried all the usual suspects including tea tree based but alas to no avail, being overweight I like to wear black but not. Loss with my current flaky condition :cry:
Thanking you in advance,

Ter (aka snowy )
I am not an expert on flaky scalp and dandruff but tea tree oil is supposed to be one of the best treatments as it is not a harsh chemical. You say that you have tried tea tree oil based shampoos - my question is what was the percentage content of what you were using? You need to have a content of around 10% tea tree oil for it to be effective. My ex husband had this problem and I paid around £8- £10 for a good tea tree oil shampoo. I used to work for Boots so know a little!
hope to have helped - even just a tiny bit
Head and Shoulders ONLY and LONG TERM. It takes a while but works
I agree with head and shoulder . I started using it for my husband when the Gp recommened it At first I tought it would be toooo strong for his sensitive skin . It wasn't and in fact it even helpred it
I wash his ears and face with it as well . and his ears have cleared up as well .

Although it looks like dandruff the skin is also greasy / Seborrheioc dermatitis spelt it wrong but i am sure you will understand it lol dermatitis
Oh to have dandruff again!!

Its quite a while since I've wiped those little white flakes from my shoulders but as Confucius once said...................

'Grass doesn't grow on busy streets'! :fearful:
dandruff eyebrows on spectacles can be a problem too. i can't have a beard as i get dandruff chin. as i expect you know its associated with pd.
Hello Ter, Cowboy101 here, after being diagnosed with Parkinson`s my wife noticed very bad dandruff, and she found that faith in nature, Rosemary Shampoo actually did work. You may be able to get this, or something like it, from a chemist but we got ours` online. Anyway, Best of Luck wherever You get Yours from. Regards,Cowboy101 and Wife.
Hi Ter,

A number of sites on the net claim that dandruff is possibly linked with Vit D and/or Vit B6 deficiency. I'm not sure this is really true (I never saw any serious study about), but at least my own case does lend some credit to it. I always had a bit of dandruff and found last year I was low on Vit D. I have since been taking Vit D supplements and my dandruff is pretty much gone. Maybe just coincidence, but just thought I'd mentioned it.

Also, curiously, Vit D deficiency may also be linked with PD (I know of at least one serious piece of research looking into that). So, if you're low on Vit D, I'd guess there's no harm on taking some supplements. But please do remember that that too much Vit D can be harmful, so please don't just take supplements without knowing if you're low on it to start with. Best to just ask any doctor to test you for Vit D (and possibly also B6).



This topic is still relevant. I agree on Head n Shoulders with posters above. You’ll need to use it for a long time indeed. In my case I was using the original white bottle, but after reading this review I decided to test another formula. It helped me more and thus it could help you too, but it’s more harsh though, not recommended it for sensitive scalp.