Chronic pain and spasms

Good morning everyone, I have just signed up to the forum and am hoping that someone might be able to help with my problem. My mum was diagnosed with Parkinson's in her early 50's (she is now 67) and on the whole her symptoms have been kept at bay very well. She is on Co beneldopa and ropinirol. However for the last year or so she has been having excruciating pains in her neck and head. It seems to start after she has taken her morning medication and then continues throughout the day until about 6pm when it gets a lot better. The pain is completely debilitating and she describes it as awful spasms and sharp shooting pains. She does suffer with arthritis in her spine but the pain she has seems to coincide with her medication. She has tried paracetamol, ibuprofen, codeine and tramadol, all of which don't touch the pain. Unfortunately our Parkinson's specialist left 3 years ago and they have not replaced him so my mum has only been seeing a nurse who deals with all geriatric conditions for the last few years. We are waiting for a referral to the Walton neurology department but any advice on medication/treatments would be really appreciated. Many thanks.

I too have suffered from chronic pain and spasms. I found ropinirol made them worse. The only thing that has helped has been pregabalin but obviously these suggestions would have to be checked  with a specialist. I see a Pain Management Consultant as well as a Neurologist . Anti inflammatory can help - I use etoricoxib. Hope this helps

i have a lot of pain in my back,legs and hands. ask your gp if its nerve damage,hope this helps! gabapentin really good for pain and nerve damage.had pd for 7yrs  always ask your gp codine can give you bad headacheswink