Cipralex / escitalopram

I have just been prescribed this by my neuro as I have a lot of anxiety. Reading the side effects has put my anxiety levels up even more. Please could you let me know how if you take this drug and how it s affected you.I have been prescribed 5 mg.
Thanks samdog
I have been taking escitalopram for 18months or so to address anxiety and depression. I started on 5 or 10mg/day and increased that to 20mg per day about a year ago. I previously tried citalopram and then amitriptyline but with less success.

I experience few side effects if any and those that I do are mild and eminently liveable. Drug information leaflets can make scary reading as they tend to list everything that could possibly happen.

I have heard it suggested that the period after starting antidepressants can be emotionaly tough for some people. This did not happen to me but I think it is good advice to go back to your GP/neuro for advice if you are concerned.

I hope that helps

Thank you very much EF. One of the recommendations is not to drive - do you? I m sure I ll end up taking it but do get myself in a stew before starting a new drug!
From memory the guidance is not to drive if you are affected by excessive or sudden onset sleepiness. I don't get sleepy so I'm OK to drive. If I have to change doseage I try to do it at a weekend.
Have taken one today and feel very nauseous - don t want to feel like this over Xmas so think will delay onset till after the festivities