Ciproflxacin antibiotic and Parkinsons

Has anyone taken Ciproflaxin? My GP prescribed it for a suspected diverticulitis. The warnings are scary, including increased risk of torn or ruptured tendons, permanent changes to the brain, neuropathy… the drug notice also mentions possible interaction with Requip and Axilect which I take. Im off to see my local pharmacist to see what she says about this.
Any experiences to share?

I use Ciprofloxin as an emergency antibiotic when I travel. I take Sinemit 12.5/50 and the drug guidance is for caution on the use of Ciprofloxin but as I would only use it in an emergency antbiotic over a 3 day period this is thought an acceptable risk. I wouldn’t use it regularly or for a longer period but your local pharmacist should be able to advise.