Circular saw noise

Hi everyone I slowly putting up with all the pains don't think I will ever get used to them but something that is really disturbing is was all quite everyone had just gone to bed. Then all of a sudden there was a sharp very loud circular saw noise in my ears that lasted about seven seconds not long but makes me jump.anybody else know about this or has it I would like to know,.twins99
Just got my husband up to bed . He said they are singing across the road . I couldn't hear anybody . He often says he hears things , sometimes someone drilling or knocking the door .
Having said that quite recently I have started having a n pose like an engine going in my ears . Wish it would run out of petrol lol.
This could be tinnitus. I hear rustling and whistling type noises sometimes when I am on my own and the house is quiet. The rustling is the worst, I know it is all in my head, but I still have to look round to see if this time it is a burglar/tiger/fire:rolling_eyes::laughing:
I get tinnitus too. the royal institute for the deaf sell a little machine to play various sounds that block out tinnitus to help you sleep well eg waves crashing..birds get a choice and can put to run for an hour or so and then turn off.
I thought it might be tinnitus , have noticed that My hearing hasn't been quite as good as it use to be and my ear feels full all the time .

Never rains that it pours does it .
Worth getting your ears checked out. Sometimes can be caused by hardened wax pressing against the drum.
Will do . I have been using olive oil in case I need them syringed .