Circulation Booster for feet and legs (D.V.T)

Hello there,
ive noticed of late the front bottom half oh my calfs have been getting tighter and for want of another word lol Veinier ( veins showing ) mother had Deep Vein Thrombosis so did my Grandmother so i guess its hereditary. im not walking as much these days due to my diagnosis of parkinsons 20 years ago. i was told to look for a circulation booster which will keep the legs and veins active . any ideas on what type ?? price ?? quality ??
Hugh aka Welshbearuk
Hi there
We bought a Circulation Booster (registered trademark) from High Tech Health on the advice of our physiotherapist. It wasn`t cheap, no idea of current price, but it has been very effective. We were told to make sure we bought this make because cheaper ones don`t activate the necessary parts.
Another benefit is that it comes with stick-on pads so that it can work on other parts, eg shoulder and neck. We looked it up on Google and got it on-line.
We also have a pedaller which is good for general circulation and exercise. Got that on-line too for about £30 if I remember correctly.
Hope that is some help.