Citalopram side effects

I take CITALOPRAM 20MG which was prescribed for me to help my mood. The Specialist suggested that it was not an Anti Depression Drug. I have no problem with my mood, but at night I sometimes called out, slapped or kicked! In the past 12 months, I have not repeated this behavior . I think I have taken them long enough, does anyone have similar experience?

Hi I take Citalopram and have sone so for the past 9 years, I was diagnosed with early onset Parkinsons at 42. I was put on the medication as I wasn’t sleeping

One of the biggest challenges I have is sleep and that is why i take the drug. It is prescribed for REM sleep disturbance and restless legs. One of the lesser known parts of PD is that you can suffer from acting out dreams and also that you dream a lot.

I also take tablets for mood but that is not what I take clonazepam for. Worth discussing with your GP, Parkinson’s Nurse or Neurologist if you are concerned.

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Thanks Claire. Since my last post & with a Specialist visit approaching, I decided to wean myself off Citalopram. I now take the daily dose, every other day. This was approved when the appointment arrived, with removal altogether in a month’s time. No adverse side effects so far, next appointment in 3 months…I am not depressed & even my wife of almost 50 years agrees I don’t have moods!