Claw foot

Hello over the last few months my toes on my left foot have started turning in, it is causing me to have more pain in my neck shoulders, knees and hips, I have spoken to my local GP who asked me to send him a photo, he advised I could have an operation which I have excluded i have had enough now, he is sending me to a podiatrist. Anyone else have any advice on what they have done.

Sounds a bit like my hand problem. I had a ‘claw hand’ - More levodopa fixed it.

If you go to feet and ankle pain after exercise you will find some really useful Feldenkrais therapy for the feet

Interesting - for the last few months I’ve had a painful finger that bends inwards. My Consultant says it has nothing to do with PD and the GP doesn’t know what it is and says it isn’t arthritis. @Lemon , would you be kind enough to share a few more details? Thanks.

It’s all connected, once one body part out of alignment, other bits start doing their own thing. When I stand I can feel my toes curl , like they are hanging on to the floor. :rofl: sounds funny, but it actually hurts.
I have been doing gentle Pilates, using a chair or standing with support, and find it is helping balance, pain management and posture.
Esme x

I think mine was dystonia - as described here -

It affected all the fingers in one hand, and two fingers in the other, but not my thumbs.

I still get it, when the L-dopa wears off.

Hello, For finger problems always worth checking isn’t Dupuytren’s contracture ? Although reading others comments does seem more likely to be linked to Dystonia in Parkinson’s Regards Jane

……… ‘ Dupuytren’s contracture typically starts as a small nodule (lump) in your hand, but, as the disease progresses, the nodules grow and cords develop along the tendons of your fingers. These cords thicken and contract your fingers, bending them towards your palm until they’re no longer able to straighten – this is called a ‘contracture’.

Dupuytren’s contracture often affects your ring or little finger, but it may appear anywhere on your palm and fingers.’