Claw hands

Hi. My friend has late-stage Parkinsonism. Her hands are tightly clenched. It causes her great pain when we try to open them - so bad now that we can’t cut her nails, which are growing into her palms, causing pain and infection. The district nurses can’t do any more, and her GP doesn’t seem to know what to do either. She was referred to an orthopaedic consultant, but he couldn’t help. Can anybody help please?

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Hi, sorry to read this . What does the neuro say ? Do you have access to a PD nurse ?

She doesn’t have any professional Parkinson’s input, as the medication wasn’t suitable for her. At least her GP’s surgery is taking the situation seriously now, so hopefully they’ll come up with something. Thanks for your interest.

This won’t be of much practical use in all probability but it is interesting and may help your understanding

Hi Tot. Thanks for giving me that link. As you say, she can’t exercise her hands any more. But it’s reminded me that massaging them for her (when it’s not too painful) might, at the very least, make her feel cared for, and could possibly help the muscles to relax a little.

Always worth a try and touch can be very powerful.
Best wishes.