Claw Toes

I'm newly diagnosed and one of my symptoms is that the toes on my right foot claw. Does anyone else get this?
Yes, I have that, join the club!

I was diagnosed about 2 years ago, it was the toe curling that made them do a Datscan and that confirmed the diagnosis. Mine is my left foot, although I think the toes of my right foot are beginning to go in a similar way.

Have you started on any meds yet? Are they helping?

As it progresses one of the problems is finding shoes that are comfortable.
Mine is my right foot, the same side as my tremor. I have some specially made shoes which help somewhat.
Yes, yes ,yes Kf73. Toe clawing (dystonia) is a very common symptom of PD, and may become quite painful and make it (even more) difficult to walk. The trouble is that it is difficult to distinguish whether this the result of progression of PD, or the wearing off of PD medcication.

May I suggest that you talk about this with your consultant/PD nurse/GP.

There are things that can be given to help, e.g. a muscle relaxant, but only on prescription .

Stretching exercises have been known to be beneficial. (Kate is the best person to explain this) Standing on tiptoes (holding on to a firm surface such as the kitchen counter) for a few seconds , alternating with rolling back upon your heels. I know that it has worked (a bit) for me.

Wishing you all the best
You have my full sympathy. When I wake in the morning my right foot is so distorted that I have difficulty walking. Both my feet are a problem and getting shoes a nightmare. Am dreading the winter months again when I will have to wear shoes.

Not sure whether it is the medication or the PD. Still juggling with Sinemet and Pramipexole but things not getting any better.

If anyone has any suggestions I would also be very grateful.

What medication are you taking? It would certainly be worth trying different ones to see what helps you.

Good luck
I have difficulty with my left foot cramp like feelings , have noticed just lately that my left hand gets cramps and apears to be twisted I try to free it out of this position but it is so painful.

PB x
What medication are you taking?? I am really not sure whether it is the PD causing problems or the "lets try increasing your dosage" attitude of my Consultant -anything to get through his list of patients so he is not late for his lunch. Luckily he is moving on so there will be a new face next consultation. Fingers crossed for someone who actually gives a damn.
Hi i take ReQuip Xl 8mg also citalopram Amitriptyline
gfcexile -

I take :

Ropinerole XL 4 mg ( supposed to be 12mg, but I cannot tolerate it)
Simemet 125 mgs 4X/day
Sinemet half-CR 2X/day
Domperiome 10mg 3X/day ( to conteract the sickness that the above drugs induce)
Diazepam up to 5mg 3X/day as a muscle relaxant to reduce dystonia
Amitryptiline 30mg for pain relief
Co-Codamol 15/500mg X2 $ timed daiuly for pain relief
Azilect Img daily

I think that is all
I am on Sinemet and Pramipexole but it seems that whilst the drugs relieve the clawing and cramping when I first take it, they are generally getting much worse and I am worried that it si teh medication that is causing more problems.

Tried Requip a few years ago and it made me very sick and dizzy
Hi , I have this too, I was diagnosed 2 years ago, and my left side is the affected side...termor in my arem and stiffness in my leg. My toes claw when the meds havent kicked in, or are wearing off. VEry annoying and makes waliing much more difficult. Is it worth mentioning to my consultant?

Yes Syd, it is definitely worth mentioning to your consultant. He/she will be aware of this common symptom of PD and may have some answers that may ease your discomfort , be they an adjustment to your medication, a referal to a physiotherapist or some form of alternative therapy.

Best wishes
Believe it or not my consultant didn't seem to have come across clawed toes before. My PD nurse knew straight away. It's dystonia.
I'm on Pramipexole which I've been on since my first Neurologist appointment. This doesn't do anything for the claw toes (right foot) and slight shakiness (right leg). Hopefully get some answers at next appointment next week. :cry:
hi yes i also get claw toes often b4 i take meds usually whilst im out with the dog .It goes after a few secs/ minutes i just relax and carry on walking .
I suffered with clawed toes badly on right foot, didn't realise parkinsons could cause it, blamed my other condition "CMT ( charcot marie tooth)", where clawed toes & foot drop are a common problem. A friend told me about referral to an Orthopaedic surgeon & last year I had an op to transfer the tendon in my ankle to lift my foot & tendon release in my toes. One toe had to be done again this year, but otherwise painfree & walking much better. Entered 3.5k walk at Chatsworth last June, got overtaken by an 80year old, so I'm not walking faster, but I did complete the walk!

Perhaps this might work for some of you, hope so.