Claw toes

Hi. Does anyone have a problem with toes going into a spasm when walking? I was diagnosed a few months ago & decided to 'fight' PD without the medication. At the time, I was only suffering with a bad tremor in my left hand & anxiety so thought the best way was to get myself fit by walking. The toes started going into a spasm on my left foot a few weeks ago when out on a long walk but now I cannot go for more than a few minutes without having to hobble home again. I have given in to taking Madopar but this isn't helping at all, if anything the anxiety is worse & my tremor just the same!

Hi Buddygirl.
What you describe is called dystonia. I've had it for about 2and half years now. Started in my left foot and now I have some pain in the right one and it appears to be going the same way. Some people are helped by the meds and some less so. I can wriggle my toes and stretch them after I have soaked them in warm water, but as soon as I stand and walk they cramp up again.It seems to be worthwhile massaging with cream and using one of those foot roller toys.Anything really that stops your foot becoming stiff and immobile because you are not able to roll it properly as you walk.
Best of luck.

Hello Buddygirl. Yes, I have exactly the same problem. The toes on my right foot have become very clawed and my left foot seems to be becoming slightly deformed too. It varies somewhat. Sometimes it is so painful I can hardly walk. Other times it hardly bothers me. I find that gentle stretching and bending exercises help. Try yoga. Also it is important to make sure you have comfortable, well fitting shoes. Mention it to your Parkinson's nurse if you have one. Adjusting your medication might help too.
Good luck!

Thanks for the advice Mosie & Christo! - Good to know that I am not alone but sad that you suffer. When I feel like running away from it all (God knows where to!)it kind of helps to come on here & realise my problems are not as bad as others, although it is scarey as sometimes the unknown is bliss & the future can look very bleak at times .... it must be this wet/grey Sunday making me feel sorry for myself.... sorry!:cry:

Hi !
I had claw toes and neuro prescribed trihexyphenidyl and after 30 mins of taking a 1 mg tablet I was back to normal shaped feet.
After a year or two I noticed I was getting momentary sleepiness and my eyes closed, when driving. After 18 months I had my dose down with no real return to the claw. And soon after stopped all together.

Obviously trihexyphenidryl had dystonia away ! I have stopped taking tri... for 14 months now.

Ask your neuro


Thanks Westby. I am waiting to get an appointment with neuro, it's six months since I last saw her but I don't have an appt yet.

I find taking magnesium and calcium supplements reduce cramp like symptoms

Interesting !. My Neurologist does not seem interested in my claw toes, even though sometimes the pain is so bad I can not go to bed or sleep. My symptoms get worse as the day goes by but not always every day. I have to wear comfortable shoes , but as to why this happens I can find no reason. At its worst it feels like the circulation to my toes has been cut off.

My neuro didn't seem as though he had come across it before but my PD nurse had. However, she did not seem to be able to offer any advice on how best to deal with it. If anyone else has any tips please post them.

Dear Cristo,

It does semm very odd that your neuro is not aware of the 'claw toe' problem that is so very common amongst pwp. Parkinson's uk have a publication that you can either order or download which adresses this problem. Go to the home page, click on publications and you will find 'Parkinson's and foot care '.

There are some anti-inflamatory and analgesic topical preparations for the sympomatic relief of muscular pain and stiffness. e.g Movalet, but you would obviously need to take advice from your GP or Pharmacist.

Some GP's will prescribe diazepam as a muscle relaxant .

A simple exercise that may help - hold on to a secure surface such as a kitchen worktop, raise yourself onto your toes, hold the position for about five seconds , relax and repeat about 5 times. Then , still holding on to the worktop, roll back onto your heels, hold, relax and repeat.

It may be a good idea to talk to a physio about this

It is a nasty , painful condition.

I wish you all the best

Thanks AB.

Sorry Christo - it is called Movelat

My husband doesn't get cramp in his toes but they have become permanently clawed.
This causes problems with walking and as he shuffles regularly his toe nails have been destroyed.
He is having surgery on Saturday to straigten them and will be off his feet for 6 weeks.
Surprisingly, he has only waited 6 weeks after first being referred.
I don't know if this of any help to those with intermittent clawing.