Clinical trial in Austria

Hi who can help me please I have E-mailed twice now to Affris in Austria in regards to the trial for their new vaccine also send a further web based message a few days ago no response whatsoever. I really do want and need to get on that trial.



Hi, Betty,

I am sorry noone has replied to your post.

Have you received a response from AFFiRiS yet? It is so rude to ignore an e-mail, but unfortunately on the continent they seem to do that very often. I have a wide experience of that.

As far as the vaccine is concerned, I too think it is the best option for Parkinson's sufferers, especially as it is not invasive, so I wish they would hurry up to do the second trial, due to start soon, I think. They don't seem to be in a hurry, though!!!

If it is as positive as the first trial, I can't see why they should do a third trial, instead of offering the vaccine to any patient who wants it.

Like you, I would go for it even now. Shame we don't live in Vienna !!!


Hi friend. No still no rely 3 times i have tryed now. Maybe they only wanna used there own people. Last application said they would get back to me within 2 months so i agree with you they are rather slack with this vaccine.

Hi, Betty,

I heard that you need to be able to speak German, reside in Austria and be newly diagnosed in order to qualify for the trials, so there is no hope for us I am afraid.


Hi yes it is true they are favoring there own. But there is another option go on the mjf fox trisl finder website and the trial is at UCL in london exenatide is the drug. I am going for and full body MOT on Dec 4. xx

Details of the Exenatide trial are given on the topic below this, which I posted on 21st September.

You will need to travel to London 8 or 9 times in total, so probably need to live within an hour or two of there. They will reimburse reasonable  travel costs, though.



hi everyone

Sounds very positive about Exenatide can anyone fill me in newly diagnosed I need to know what options I have.Im 47 diagnosed Jan 2014

Sorry good luck bettyblue let me know how you go on

hi chicken legend,

you have been diagonsed at roughly the same age as me have you got a good gp and consutant the most important thing to remember is we have to fight against this condition and learn as much as we can handle.

 There are loads of Trials on the MJFOX Website to choose from all you need to do is register and they send you all the info regarding trials worldwide. I have gone for the Exenatide trial simpley because they were the first to invite me to an assement. I really hope it works I will offer to go public if it does, if they are willing to give me the drug for the rest of my life. I will update you that's a promise. Good luck to you and your loved ones hopefully you will find a trial that's suited to you.


Kindest Regards BB