Clock mix up caused?

As most mornings I awake in partial paralyses ,  and monday or was it tuesday ? anyway I set the alarm for 7.30 drag myself upright and fit the Duodopa , 10 mins later I am mobile, needless to say I prefer mobility to imobility so  I went down for my brekfast only to find it was 5.30 not  7.30, well I was not about to remove the Ddpa and go back to bed so I sat and read a book, the day was fairly normal until tea time when I began to shut down very rapidly I tried the boost but nothing worked it was a disaster, I had to go to  bed and woke up worse, then my wife said to me " the cassettes empty"  well it never occured to me to check if the cassette had used up its total of Dopamine, by fitting it 2hrs  early I had caused it to run out of  juice diaster. it has taken a couple of days to get my system back on line, so by simply setting my alarm incorrectly I  gave my self a very hard  time, I wont do that again.

                                              Kindest Regards            Fedeye roll