Clonazepam will it help?

Writing here in desperation for my poor old mum who is getting woken by my Dad who has parkinsons (has had dbs for 10 years at least) approx 10 times a night and he is having vivid dreams, getting out of bed and then falling over.
He has been prescribed clonazepam which he will be starting 0.5mg tonight. Will this help with his terrible nights as I am concerned if they continue as they have for much longer my mum wont be able to manage him at home anymore :0(

Hi @Kerryclark72,

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I’m sorry to hear about your parents’ situation - I can imagine how distressing this must be for them. While you wait for other members to share their advice based on their own experiences, I would encourage you to call our confidential and free helpline about Clonazepam - they have a wealth of knowledge on Parkinson’s related medication and would be more than happy to support you further on this. Please give us a call on 0808 800 0303 or email us at [email protected].

We also have a lot of information on sleep issues on our website which includes tips on how best to manage them. You can find this information here:

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Hi Kerryclark72, I used to thrash about in my sleep, kicking out with my feet and swinging my arms around. I woke my wife several times a night. I was prescribed clonazepam and the difference it has made is remarkable. We now both get a full nights sleep.

Hi @Kerryclark72
Clonazepam has a reasonable track record of reducing the symptoms you describe so there is a High probability that it will be of benefit to your parents .
Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

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Thanks for your replies. He is currently taking 0.5mg and have read that it could be increased to 1mg

Can I ask what dosage you take?

Hi @Kerryclark72
I’m on 0.5 at the moment but as of next week will be increasing to 1.0. As advised by neurologist however I have been on 2.0 in the past.

Tommy. :pill::pill::pill:™

Hi Kerryclark, I’m taking 2mg

Hi kerry Clark.

I have just picked up on your post, so apologies for the late response.
I was prescribed 0.5mg Clonazepam in July 2020 and this had a positive impact on my REM/ vivid dreams issues where I would act out my dreams, which was becoming a problem, not only for myself but also my wife, as I would lash out and shout during the night.
This recently became a problem again and I now take 1mg before retiring of an evening and I now sleep soundly, plus my wife gets a decent night’s sleep without any bruising…:blush:

Hope this helps