Hi all
I have been prescribed Clonazepam and after reading up on side effects I am very nervous about taking it.

Anyone got any experiences of it please?


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Hi @vb1
My OH has been taking Clonazepam for over a year now…prescribed due to significant leg spasms and pain at night. Started on one tablet then went up to two which is where he has stayed. I am not up to speed re side effects but would say that the benefits have been significant in terms of improving his sleep and comfort at night. The only difficulty he has had was when he ran out, for reasons I won’t bore you with, and then had a few bad days …thinking about that now maybe it was a sign of withdrawal rather than a simple lack of the medication but I don’t know…like any medication, one is always weighing up the benefits versus the “costs” (side effects) as well as the fact that each individual is different and what works well (or badly) for one may be different for someone else.
Might be worth taking it over with a nurse on the helpline.

Hi, I was prescribed this when my wife mentioned to my DBS consultant that I had started to move my limbs quite violently in my sleep and in the process, either hurting her or myself on the bed side cabinet. It seems to have stopped the movements with no side effects and I tend to sleep straight through the night more often than not.
Hope that helps.

Hi Pippa

Thanks for the info. Glad to hear some positive news. Think I will talk it over with the Parkinsons nurse


Thanks for the reply. Glad to hear it has worked for you


I have been prescribed clonazepam now for about 3 years, starting with x1 tablet, I now take 3 about 30 to 45 minutes before going to bed.
In my honest opinion it is only clonazepam which has kept my wife safe from my thrashing around and my dog who sleeps in his bed on the floor near me. Both I have either accidentally hit out at it landed on. I am of course concerned about the injuries caused by this unwanted night time activity to myself as well but my wife and dog Loki were my bigger concern.

I generally get at least 5 hours undisterbuded deep sleep with the x3 tabs and until the last 8 weeks, I have only had the odd / rare occurrence of big-time thrashing around, falling out in bed or shouting out. Unfortunately things have regressed recently and I am resisting at the moment an increase as I have several non parky outside stressors at the moment which I am working though.

I know last night (1 Jan 2021) must have been a bad night as I have self inflicted scratches to my face, a large bruise to my right ribs and a very sore leg. No doubt when my wife gets up I will find out what I was doing. It might be time for an increase again, but I would gladly agree to this to keep all safe and for the 5 hours, in my mind anyway, of undisturbed sleep. In my honest opinion I have not had any adverse side affects taking this medication.

I hope this helps you and you find the right solution for you and your family.

Best wishes John :sunglasses:

I’ve been it since I did a sleep disorder overnight assessment in March. I take one at bedtime. If I take 2 I struggle to get up for my night time pee. It appears I was acting out my dreams and moving during the REM stage of sleep.

Now the bad side. You should not drink alcohol with them. As it can cause narcolepsy. I still sleep for 2/3 hours at a time and take naps most days. Last night I was up till 2am wEnt to bed only to get up at 5.30.

I don’t take them if I’m having a drink and driving the next day. You should carry a card advising you are taking it incase you are stopped by the police. It can increase the amount of time alcohol stays in the system. It takes 30 hours for it to leave your system. If you are stopped by the police for dangerous driving, you will be prosecuted. It is an offence to drive whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

I still have a drink @nd if we have to go out my wife drives. She orefers me to drive though

Hope that’s useful