I had a meeting today with my PD nurse about a few things.

I have had vivid violent dreams well before i was aware i was ill or diagnosed, 2 or 3 or more times a week, including the dreams i bite my tongue in my sleep and i'm told i shout although i'm not aware i shout im well aware of the dreams, biting my tongue and sometimes almost throwing myself off the bed.

I am wary of taking a new pill

So does anyone have experience of  taking Clonazepam?

pro's and cons.?

if it doesn't suit can i withdraw from it or have you?

side effects?

thankyou/please in advance.


I cant tell you about the pill but like you my wife had bad dreams before diagnosis, shouting and lashing out at me but since taking sinemet she will talk in her sleep but none of the lashing out ! She does have some problems with her tongue and gets pins and needles in her gums. She bought a DenTek gum guard off ebay .This helps

                             Hope you get it sorted...Billy


Thank you for the reply Billy my pd nurse says its a feature of parkinsons, my dreams have changed from seeing the death of friends  to falling down the stairs, could it be the substance of dreams have changed for your wife too?, i took sinemet for a short while after diagnosis it didnt change the vivid dreams whilst i was on it.

My dentist has given me a toothpaste on prescription i have a dry mouth it plays havoc with my teeth a tooth paste to strengthen my teeth another gift from PD a gum guard may interfere with the intention of the tooth paste ?.

I would still like to hear of any one with experience of the Pill clonazepam

Hi sea angler, 

I was given Clonazepam (500 micrograms) to improve my sleep pattern, which was very fragmented at the time. Dreams were not the problem in my case, as, these are vivid, interesting , but never violent, nasty or frightening. i took them for about a month and came off them quickly over a period of ten days,. as I did not notice any benefit and was reluctant to go on them in the first place, as I thought this was not addressing my sleep problems. And I am wary of taking anything that sounds like a benzodiazepine. By the way, my sleep problems have improved on altering my levodopa intake during the night. I did not notice any particular side effects of the Clonazepam. In my experience  I find that  very little thought goes into the potential side effects all this medication causes.  ICheck it for interactions with your other medication,.. Having alcohol with the Clonazepam, of course, is a  no-no. i find that over the course of several months night time experiences change all the time. I regularly bit the inside of my cheeks and my tongue (eating steak in my dream), but now I always sleep on my back and have no problems, except for a very dry mouth. So far my dentist does not seem to be worried by this. It might mean more crowns....

good luck, Kate

The thing  is with my wife is that rarely remembers her dreams. She found herself bitting down on her teeth and that is  why she got the gum guard. The gum guard isn't used all of the time just when she needs it, maybe this could help if you bite your tongue or cheeks.



Hi and thanks for the reply Kate & once again Billy

I am wary of something new which is why i wanted opinions and if i want too withdraw from it too then i could?, I wouldn't want too be stuck with something as you say that makes no noticeable difference to fix the problem or potential side effects from it.

I Take an overnight Madopar Cr to see me through the night and a amitriptyline too stop nerve ending firing so i dont wake up due to pain, I have played with the timing of these to get this right so I do have a comfy nights sleep apart from that is the vivid violent dreams, I may still have these dreams perhaps her thinking is solely to stop me biting my tongue??.

she suggested the smallest dose to ring the changes, I couldn't  find any interaction written anywhere between madopar & clonazepam but i did find a small % with amitriptyline, Personally i'd rather keep the amitriptyline than the clonazepam if it came down too it.

I have also bit my tongue during the day, a speech therapist told me its because of PD the tongue or jaws doesn't always know the correct place to be or interaction tween the two and the tongue may be on one side, the same might be said for biting cheeks or biting down on teeth, causeing damage to teeth and fillings?.


husband is on madopar, selegeline, patch and amitrip.... and also been given clonazipam for his dreams.

Well they say for him, apparently it is for me, so I can sleep and not woken up by his nightmares and bashing about. He bites the side of his mouth, he gnashes his teeth etc. He has been known to chase people who try to take his sweets and fallen out of bed. He has tried the clonazipam and it makes him feel real woozy/dozy next day, so I rather he keeps them for emergencys.


Thank you, I think with that I think i'll decline them it is after all a suggestion that they be added with what's been said  i dont think it would be beneficial to me.