Closer to a cure?

Hi once again fellow parkinsonians,
I was diagnosed with the parkinsons nightmare at the age of 32, some 18 years have passed and have recently joined the half century club (50 year old lol) parkinsons specialist Dr Weiser of morriston hospital, swansea. a great doctor in many ways said when i replied to his diagnosis, "is there a cure or will there ever be ??" replied that he was hopeful of a cure of some sort within 10 years. Now 18 years have passed but yet with all the great work done by michael j fox , the parkinsons groups and societies worldwide plus a major increase in funding, we still after 18 years dont seem to be any closer now than we were back then. Sorry for being a little negative but seems were still in the sinking boat maybe its just wishful thinking !!
for what its worth-

i think we are closer to a cure but it was underestimated how far the trip was so the distance to the end is the same.
it is a bit daunting when a new way of growing cells for experiments is hailed as a breakthrough - it seems to imply the experiments have only just begun.
the expert we had on stem cells was good but the result seemed to be 'dont hold your breath'.
however i am hopeful (perhaps without reason) of improved treatments and ways to slow down progression now that the mechanism of the cell damage seems to be better understood. it would be really good if the forum could get someone to give a presentation on recent developments.

I am still sticking to my prediction that PD will be largely (but perhaps not totally) curable by the end of the decade. I predict that a cure will come as a result of a series of small advances rather than one big, headline-grabbing breakthrough. Just as many forms of cancer are now curable if caught early enough.
This will, of course, depend on the current levels of funding bring maintained, if not increased. Where there's a will!
christo may well be right on the button

stem cells are the ultimate cure in that they replace the missing cells,the biggest problem being safety and this early result on safety is positive.

Hopefully my comment is better late than never.  I do share the disappointment that results are not reaching grass roots.  Every time there is a "breakthrough" it is followed by dont get hopes up for at least 5 to 10 years but sadly I too have been hearing this for many many years.  There are still geographic differences in the location of trials and it feels that they are not reaching everyone.  Are we investing in the right projects and what has happened to those promising results of 18 years ago.  This does not mean to say I do not respect those who are trying to help by why do "our breakthroughs" not produce more practical solutions instead of medication that has been used for decades.Having been diagnosed since 1997 (officially) I think we are allowed to grizzle sometimes  what do u think? 


What do I think about what? Grizzling? Not only are we "allowed" there's no-one with the power to stop us. It's my Parky and I'll cry if I want to (I can't believe that's original).

Or about slow progression of the research? Yes, I do marvel at the fact that for a disease whose basic mechanism has been known for decades, we aren't further down the line. That's the brain for you, I think.