Hi all,

My Parkinsons in mostly stiffness, right shoulder dropped and no arm swing. I’ve always been a little clumsy but this is getting ridiculous. My favourite is hurling the Sky remote control across the room when I only meant to pick it up up and put it on the table. I regularly knock cups over and things like the salt shaker when I reach for it.

Anyone else like this?

Hi Jonjoe
Sorry to hear about Parkinsons problem my problem is the right hand side is slow and stiff and I was having problems picking up my cup of tea without pouring it over myself till I got a travel mug now that problem is good wish all problems was a easy to sort out


Hi folks

JonJoe, I had my own coffee mug accident an hour a go. Travel mug - that’s a good idea Lee. A bigger problem for me to date is typing - my left hand keeps inserting characters - annoying when trying to code.

First time on this forum so apologies for any breach of protocol/formalities.

Best to you both

Hi Jon Joe i must admit i had to smile to my-self when I read your post. Don’t take this the wrong way, but I could see myself just doing the things your doing. I find every thing a chore i pick up things and has fast as I pick it up I drop it, glasses with drinks in have just slipped out my hands. Can’t say i am botherd about the glass but hay what about my gin n tonic. It is very worring though as when you take hot food out of the oven, or when you lift the kettle to mash your tea. I would normaly speak to my PD nurse about it, but with the virus all we have is phone calls , which is better than nothing. Just one more thing I find now that I get a lot of pain in my hands and fingers, I find I can not bend my fingers it is feel pain, spoke to GP she has refured me as she seems to think its arthritis. I will post more later.