I have been wondering if there could be a link between clumsiness in childhood and Parkinson's in later life. As a child I was very clumsy and my Mum nicknamed me Clumsy Clara! She used to say that if there was a pin lying on the floor, I would fall over it. To me, it was just normal to be covered in bruises and scrapes, as I was always a bit of a tomboy.

My great-niece, aged 6, is showing the same traits as I did and it set me thinking. Were any others on the forum clumsy, as children? Could this be a sign of getting Parkinson's in the future?

Just a thought......probably nothing in it.




i dunno about clumisness i took lots of risks as a kid some worked some didn't lol i have the reminders of those still lol clumsy minded perhaps?.

I was not a clumsy child, One older brother was, but younger brother was not. I am the only one with PD