Mum has had PD for 7yrs now but also suffers with restless leg syndrome. She had madopar to start off with then after five was put on co-benalopa as we found that this had a much better effect with calming down her RLS but now suddenly her PD & RSL have become increasingly worse so have been doing some research to see what would help her & have found that some folk are taking diazepam when the tremors & shakes are bad has anyone else heard of this or taking the drug to help them

they have slightly increased my husbands co-benaldopa and that his settled his restless legs down a lot. The hospital said that as he had put on some weight due to inactivity and the dosage is worked out on weight. However his speech has deteriorated since the increased dose. Seems that there is no meds that can cope with everything. Oh for a miracle that would!!! I wish you all the best.