Co-beneldopa and Co-careldopa

Does anyone know the difference between co-careldopa and co-beneldopa? (in terms of how they help)

Thanks to anyone who replies

Sorry, I don’t but the basic ingredient is Levodopa, I think.

I’ve taken both. When I increased the c / l beyond the very lowest dose, I felt very unwell. Followed instructions, which were to double it. Fell asleep unpredictably in the daytime.
With b / l, tried increasing one of the 3 doses, had delirium, nightmares, insomnia and nausea.
I came off the c/l.
I’m on the very lowest dose of b/l. Taking high dose thiamine, which is supposed to help the Levodopa.

If you go to Parkinsons UK they do a booklet called Drug Treatment for Parkinsons. It has the answer to your question.

Thank you, this has been very helpful