Co-careldopa different generics performance?

As a follow-up to my recent post concerning NUPRO SKIN PATCHES I can now reveal the reason for my query. I am currently on 12.5/50mg co-careldopa 4 times a day as I said. Sometimes they are effective and sometimes seem to increase tremor. I have noticed that some generics work better than others. Pharmacy has supplied 12.5/50mg co-careldopa from three different manufacturers FAIRMED HEALTHCARE, BRISTOL LABORATORIES, and SOMEX PHARMA-- and so far SOMEX PHARMA seems to be the most effective with less side effect… Has anyone else experienced this sort of thing with different generic versions of the same drug. I would be particularly interested to hear of their experience.
Thanks in anticipation.

Hello Grober,

You are correct : not all generics are created equal. Whilst generics will have the same active ingredients, they way “package” into a pill or capsule can vary and thus have varying effects on a person. At the end of the day, the recipes used by each manufacturer is different.

I was once given a generic for Requip XL (ropinirole) and had uncomfortable side effects. The generic released into the body differently. I do not think randomly jumping between different brands is a good practice. You can ask your pharmacist to only fill your prescription with the Somex Co-careldopa. My Boots pharmacy is always very good about it once requested.

Hope this helps. Best wishes, MAnnie

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Your post is very interesting. As I have had over the years medication form different companies. And have noticed a difference too. Recently my pharmacy change company and i have deteriorated. It could be me . but I was going to ask my pharmacist to go back to the original company… Definitely will now and let you know what happens .
Esme x

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