Co-careldopa shortage

We have been having problems getting full prescription this last month. Asked pharmacist when it started happening was there any problem, no he says. Then today told they are having problems getting supplies & suggest talk to GP. Message left with nurse to get back to us, so will see what she suggests. Has anyone else had problems getting this drug?. we had to wait for Selegine also but managed to get that drug.

My partner who has the PD for around 6 years, had been pondering if it was worth him changing to something else as he has been on them a good few years, he wonders if it would be beneficial, looks like he will have to see now!. He takes Selegine 1 a day & also 7 Co-careldopa spaced over the day.

So I suppose my query with other fellow sufferers is have you had to change to something else? I know everybody is different but curious to hear any opinions.

Thanks in advance & hope you are having a reasonable day as you can.

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Hi ,
I take Co-careldopa and so far I have had no problem getting it but I will definitely ask my Consultant next month and my Pharmacy if in the future I am likely to have a problem.


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Have had the same problem for the first time this month. I usually collect my meds from the health centre where my GP is based and the pharmacist there was most unhelpful.
luckily I was able to source some from a chemist in the next village and asked my GP if he could send over a prescription, which he was happy to do.

Good luck
Airedale girl

Hi Airedale girl

I since found can get the medication at another pharmacy so got GP to do another prescription. It seems because some pharmacy’s work different they may have problems.
So I will keep aware now,


Our pharmacist was having problems getting co-careldopa for us and we found out that the firm that makes them in Italy were changing premises and that was the reason for the problem. No good to us though think they should have been better organised and let the pharmacists get extra in. We are now back on usual supply so hope you get sorted soon.

Hello all,
Pleased to report our previous pharmacist got the remaining tabs (had to push a bit) & we also have a new supply from another one. So all is well now, at least for time being!. But seems something to do with Co-careldopa and Sinemet.
Thanks for your responses.
Happy days!

Hi pudding52, my husband has been taking Sinemet for about 8 years and a few months ago there was a supply problem with the version (dosage) he’d been prescribed. He was given co-careldopa instead and so far this seems fine, doing the same job. So maybe there was a shortage of co-careldopa due to the demand from those who couldn’t get Sinemet.
Good luck!