Do you take co-careldopa tablets with or without food?

I was told try to take them half an hour before or after food as protein stops them working so well.

That might be why my first batch seemed to work better than the second one. (I’m new to the tablets too) I was told to take them three times a day and with food/snack, but on my second prescription (which seem to be a different variation of the same drugs (another manufacturer)) it says to take with meals which I’ve taken as breaky, din dins and tea.

When I have something light (not a large meal) around the time I took the tablets, I seem to feel more like my old self (which has been quite transformative) whereas if I take them with a meal, I’ve noticed with this batch (although I never took first batch that way), I’ve found its been a bit hit and miss and sometimes feel more like I did when I didn’t take any medication. In fact I’ve felt completely wacked sometimes off them with no benefits

With that in mind, I’m going back to taking them with light snacks as set times in place of meals which can vary as I certainly felt much better off them that way. Really wasn’t sure if it was the tablet variation of something I was doing. Looks more like what I’m doing