Co Carledopa

Hi Everyone

I was diagnosed start of June and was put on Co Carledopa

Was just wondering why these meds!? Everyone seems to be put on different medication when diagnosed! I just wondered why that was! 

Kind Regards 


Not sure Edinburghman, I was given Ropinirole XL slow release six years ago at diagnosis, the neuro has just requested I now go on to co-careldopa, but i have refused them at the moment and asked for an increase in Ropinirole which suit me fine. Don't know why we're all started on different meds, could be how bad each person is with their PD


Hello Edinburghman,

I was diagnosed last Dec and prescribed Co Careldopa,I did not argue at the time as assumed that was standard treatment .

I do not have a tremor at present but very stiff !

Seeing the consultant is well nigh impossible but just have to hope the follow up care by the PD nurse is ok.

co- careldopa is the generic drug to sinemet its one of the most common pd drugs used they say its there gold label .sinemet contains two different drugs,levodopa & carbidopa .levodopa turns into Dopamine in your brain.this helps pd  this is what were losing .carbidopa helps levodopa work more effectively  . hope this helps a bit. if its any help i think this is one of the best & its one of the oldest.