Co-Caroldopa 25/100 mg tablets query


I've been contacted by a person with Parkinson's who's having trouble getting into his co/caroldopa 25/100mg tablets. The supplier has recently changed to MED. The tablets seem to be  smaller and the packaging more bubbled making it hard to get them out.

I just wondered if this was a more wide-spread problem? If you're having trouble with your co-caroldopa 25/100mg tablets please could you let us know.



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No probs with the Sinemet tabs but I had a problem with one of my blood pressure tabs when packaging changed

When I mentioned this to the chemist he said he was happy to pop them and put them in a bottle.

I always get them bottled now!

Worth asking the chemist?

Good luck!



I used to have problems with the oblong shaped ones that had a line scored across the middle. The force needed to get them out frquently broke them. They are now circular and easier.

Requip tablets are horrendous to removes from the blister pack, tiny and multisided.

 I even wrote to the manufacturer, Smith Kline Beecham,, saying how unhelpful the packaging was considering the problems that PWP have with fine motor control.

Thanks GG for your response and I'm pleased your chemist came up with a common sense way to address it. Thanks and have a great w'end



Thanks Mosie for sharing this. I'm pleased the new shape is easier to get out of the packaging. Also thanks Benji. I've heard that some Requip packaging isn't well suited. Is that still an issue? Thanks Laura

yeah my chemist pop all my meds into bottles due to a bit of dystonia ,they are always there on time & poped

One of the reasons I use Madopar - it comes in good, old fashioned medicine bottles with a little bit of cottonwool to keep the capsules still in transit. I got fed up with battling with Sinemet in Blister packs.

I also find I get slightly less nausea with Madopar.

And its cheaper than Sinemet - not sure how it compares to the generics, though - Roche original branded Madopar is cheap enough!




Thanks Gus and AndrewJohn for your responses, v helpful