Co enzyme Q10

Does anyone take co q10. My sister has recently been told that it helps reduce symptoms of parkinsons but i am unsure about taking anymore pills than absolutely necessary.
Hi annepan,

I do (I used to take 1,200 mg/day; now 800 mg / day). Tough I have no way of knowing if it really helps or not (my PD symptoms are still light and haven't evolved much since DX around 2 years ago, but I can't tell if it is just out of luck or due to CoQ10 or due to something else).

If I recall well, a few years ago, there was a research study with a small number of people which showed that CoQ10 had a positive impact in delaying PD progression. Another more recent study was done with a lot more people but it didn't show any meaningful impact. I take CoQ10 anyway, just in case (I didn't find any medical drawbacks of taking it in doses up to 1,200 mg/day). Note that in both research studies, they used CoQ10 combined with Vit E. I also take Vit E (as well as Vit C) supplements "just in case".

The other angle to supplements is to fix areas where you may have deficiencies: you may want to consider checking for possible Vit D, Iodine, and magnesium deficiencies and fix them if you find any problems (though, don't just take supplements if you are not deficient, as too much of these may be harmful)



Yes, I take Co enzyme Q10 every day. 300 mg and it seems to help with my energy levels.

I was feeling wiped out when I got home from work but now I don't. I work from 8-4 everyday in a very stressful (but amazing) job. I then pick up my grandsons from their child minder on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays. Jack is 4 and an angel, Isaac is 1 and a human wrecking ball !!!!. and keep them till 6 when their mother comes to collect them after work.

Don't think I could have done this so easily before Q10, it works for me.

Thanks both, I think I will give it a try. I also work fulltime at a senior level and find that when i get home I am shattered and just feel like doing nothing but recently bought a wii fit to motivate me into doing more than just sitting down. Any help to enengy levels would be appreciated.
My doctor did a very detailed blood analysis in March that showed I had serious deficiencies in Coenzyme Q10, Vit B12, D, I'm on a full regime of supplements, including 100mg Co-E Q10 (Bio-Q10 gold, combined with Vit C). I'm supposed to take 3 a day but I often forget at lunchtime. Can't say I feel full of beans but gradually restoring my energy after a period of extreme exhaustion. Maybe I should take a higher dose.
Very interested to read your comments about work. I'm on sick leave at present to 'sort myself out', we thought I had burn out but then I got the DK dx. Aiming to go back to work in September (senior level civil service). Any tips for a successful re-entry? Do your work colleagues know about your PK?
dont overdo the magnesium! serious gastric embarrassment will result. more is not necessarily better with supplements.
i would let your colleagues know but they won't understand.
i would advise working part-time - maintain the quality of your work at all costs.
q10 will only harm your bank account and might do good. the latest scientific test came out against it, but any test is always possibly wrong.
ps glucose is the basic energy source for brain cells. pure glucose can be found in diabetics sweets. not recommending, just commenting.