Help protect cells dying ,boost immune system,increase energy levels,improve heart health &circulation. Not that expensive I've been taken about a month now and feel more active. Take 1-3 capsules 100mg with food.Have a Google see what you think. All the best gus & happy summer.

Hi Everybody, hope you are all not too bad today. I have just been diagnosed, bit of a shock really. I am not on any medication yet but maybe soon. Anyway, please let me know about your experience of Co Q10.



Hi Dave, 

Being diagnosed is always a shock. It will take time. And you will have plenty of good years ahead of you. 

I ve  recently been looking up Co Q10, tyrosine and Co glutamine to take naturally. Always trying to put serious medication off for as long as poss. 

Lots of tips and advice on the forum. Welcome. 

Thanks DivineR,

I have mild symptoms at the moment, but the Datscan doesn't lie. Is there an advantage to delaying serious medication? I gather Levodopa can lose it's potency, how long does that take?.


Hi Dave, 

I'm no expert and am open to be corrected. I believe Levadopa can lose its potency after 5 years. I'm on 8mg Ropinerol (dopamine agonist). I feel it just makes me feel 'normal' at the moment. I'm trying to not take levadopa for a while longer although some symptoms like stiff hand and foot are worsening. 

The thing is everyone is different with this disease /disorder /condition. That makes it so hard as one size does not fit all. 

Diet and exercise and positive outlook definitely slow the progress I believe. 

Hi DivineR, thanks for your help, all these drugs are new to me. I guess I'll just have to keep on digging and asking questions. Are there any supplements or foods you would recommend? I accept what works for one person may not work for another.



I definitely think vitamins D for bones. B12 for energy. Turmeric is good used in foods allegedly for neurological health. I'm learning too. I'm optimistic that we're in a good time where research is improving. How long it takes? Well....... 

If you have a PD nurse that is switched on they can be very helpful.