Coast to coast for the cause

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                                      Right peeps getta you andies  oootah  ya  pocks  my son ??  petez  doooing the  coast to ghost phsycal track  from zee  whitehaven  tooo  this  end  whitby or  someplace no  I have a link enabling  all    kind  generous  peeps  who  wish  two  doughnait  millions  of  youse  monies  anything   over £150s of  youse  monies will make meee  your  FEDDA  happpy  mostlyness  so  all I have  to  do  eees  get  this  extitingly voyage  nto  the  unknown  noticed  by  thesos  managemnt and  get  the   lilink from  my  in  box  to   this  post  so  how  now  brown   MR bROWN   I have  no  idea  who  that  is  but  when I  import  the  link  you  can  send  dough  mothers  pride  dough  via  your  credit  or   debit  cards  straight  to   the  parky money  box   wheeeech  eeeza  very  very  beeg  beeeeg one  no  casha  mayyya  bbeeeeeee  only  a   cliceeka  onnatooo  the  link  so   eeefa  youusssa  likka  theeeese  moneee  to  helpaa  the  war  wittha  parky  BLACKHEART  so how do i  getta  the  linkaa  pleeeze  peeps  the  lika linka minke minka.  Right this  is  getting  very  silly  so from  now  serious  this  post was  to  get  your  attention  but  its   for  a  great  reason the  link  needs  to  be    on  a  post  preferably  this  one  but  the  next  one  will  do  so  please  assist  old  FED

                                                                 THANKA YOUSEcool






Here is the link father dear xx

madfrownmr greenevil     big grin        red facecool    Now then peeps.

The smileys represent the differet stages of frustraton while attempting to create  the previous post   the smiley No5   LtoR, is my lovely Daughter Jennifer   who  fixed  the job  in  2  mins flat  so  all  you  have  to  do is click on the  link   and   donate   easy  peasy  so please  spare as  many  moneys  peeps as can  you  appreciate  much  your  kindleeeness

                                               your  pal  FED






                Hello felllow FORUMERS,?? WELL no hits yet  on the  special posted  post well thats  ok but  a  it  says  in  the  ad   if  you  click   the  link in  the adpost the money  you   give goes  straight to  your  chosen  charity or PARKINSONS UK, sorry  for  shouting but  the  two  lads  taking  on  this gruelling task were  both  involved in  very  serious  motor   bike  accidents and  have  endured a  lot  of  pain training  so  the  real  thing  will  be  much  worse,  in  my  son  Peters  case he  has  so  many fractured bones in his   right  leg,,, his  Femur in 3 places and the Fibula 6 places and  is Tibia 4 paces   HIS DOC SAID it  may  be  better to  remove   it   so  as  you  can  imagine  the  discomfort  he  will have  while en route,, Nick  his  best  buddie  also   had  leg  injuries  but  it  was  his arms  that  took  the   brunt  he  also  hurts especially  on  long   hikes  but  if  he  has   a  goal  or  a  target  as  he  says he  goes  for  it  so  his  target  is  to  help  us  by  raising  funds  to   fight  this  pig  of  a  disease  so  come  on  I  know  you  are  a  fair  minded  bunch  and   if  you  have  been  watching  repeats  of  AUF  WEDERSEN PET   YOU  CAN  SEE  that  we  Geordies are a canny  caring  lot  so get  clickking  all  payment  go  strait   to  your  chosen  PARK  TARGET,  thankyou  so   much    FED

                                        remember  they  are  doing  it for  us