Coconut oil

I have just watched a series of short videos by dr. Mary Newport whose husband has Alzheimer's. She found giving him a couple of spoons of coconut oil vastly improved his memory. It is also thought to protect neurons in the brain for other neurological problems such as parkinsons. I have been trying it, not on a regular basis, but after watching the videos definitely will. I notice there are some old posts on the forum about this, I wonder if anyone else is trying it? I recently spent 3 weeks in thailand, my diet consisted of 3 meals a day of rice with fish or some curry. I ate no bread or cheese for that time and felt very well. Diet is something that isn't considered in the diagnosis of parkinsons and I am keen to find out more. When I was given my diagnosis the doctor mentioned pesticides as a possible cause.
I tried coconut oil for 4 months, and went gluten free for 6 months, neither did anything for me. As we are all different, they may well work for you. Of all the things I have tried, the Chinese herb gou teng has produced very positive results, I also find vigorous exercise and free (improvised) dancing to music help a lot.
Hi, I also find exercise helps. I suppose I am willing to try anything. It seems that diet does affect how I feel.
I have been diagnosed for 2 and half years. I have never had to take medication before and I do find it difficult, I would rather there was another wishes
Hi quiest, can you let me know where you get the gou teng? Thanks
Hi Valerie,

Back in September last year I posted an article on my experience with gou teng.

I got mine from the US,, but it is widely available on the internet, you may want to google for a cheaper supplier.

I am still taking the herb, I have done for precisely one year today.I now take about 2g a day (equivalent to 10g raw herb). I am still doing very well, my days are almost normal. My swimming is now very well coordinated, although not quite back to my pre PD days, I can now manage 40 lengths.

Best wishes
Hi everyone I've spent a couple of hours to find cheapest oil.dont know if I'm allowed to give you Internet address but it's dolphin defiantly do free delivery for just one jar.i hope this helps everyone.john