Coconut oil

I was reading all these things about coconut oil even curing people with Alzheimer and bringing their loved ones back. I also read that this could help PD patients. There is also a study going on in Oxford university about a ketones diet for people with PD. Anyone knows more about coconut oil ? Anyone maybe tried it before and got better due to it ?
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There was a thread last year on coconut oil in the 'Treatments' section. Here's a link:

I hope it helps.

Thx Ezinda.
bounty bars combine the goodness of coconut, chocolate, glucoze all in one handy sized bar. does make you fat though.
ps serious about bounty - i have one every day at work to boost my energy levels
Hi I have only just read this thread, I posted about coconut oil under Health and Wellbeing on the 17th January. Also about fasting. There was an article in yesterday's Guardian by Hugh fearnley-whittlingstall about a diet book written by Michael Mosely. The article is mainly about losing weight, but it also mentions the benefits of fasting for brain function. I am going to try fasting one day a week again.
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