Coconut Oil

I've been lucky enough to have lots of support from an organisation which provides occupational health. My contact there suggested I tried coconut oil, which has been shown to help some people with Alzheimers. Has anyone else tried this and what were the results?

interseting - the idea is to replace glucose with ketones from fat (any biologists out there?).An earlier article
suggest a ketone diet (lot sof butter, mayonaise, oil, lard etc) might be beneficial for parkinsons.
Funnily enough when I first got symptoms of P I had been on a very sucessful (in terms of weight loss) diet of low carbs. since then I have wondered if this diet [u]caused or triggered[/u] PD.
Which leaves me in a quandry - fat or carbs??? protein is difficult because of the l-dopa problem.

After some research I started to take Coconut Oil on a regular basis and still do because I am convinced it helps towards the good health and maintenance of the nerve cell tissue. In particular,(in theory as know one seems to know exactly what goes on within the nervous system)assisting in the cell wall structure towards ensuring the synapse routes are directed along the nerve fibres.

While I do not know how it truly works, I know that I have been able to reduce the levels in medication, while seeing vast improvements in coordination, dexterity and improved sensitivity in touch.

hello beauxrelets
That is very interesting, it would good if some research was done or a trial because anything that helps and enables a possible to cut on the meds would really help, especially those people who have had pd for a long time. If it was proved that coconut oil did make a difference even for some people that would be another tip for the pd mag subject to their approval of course. Anything is worth a try!
best wishes

the original coconut story was a Dr who treated her husband with coconut oil for alzhiemers
the theory seems to be a lack of glucose getting to the brain is replaced by ketones. why coconut rather than any other source is not clear.
there does seem to be evidence of glucose problems with pd but as cause or effect isnt clear. it would explain the seeming beneficial effect of chocolate and cheese - both high in fat giving the brain cells the energy their not getting from glucose. perhaps we should all eat more fat!

Among many articles, I found lots of interesting bits to read here - - and accordingly gave it a go to find it improved my condition no end (to the point that I know if or when I have forgotten a dose).

In general I take about one level teaspoon full (or a slightly rounded one when in more solid form at room temperature)once a week straight off the spoon or spread on a piece of bread like butter. Apparently heat does not effect or alter the oil so adding it into a curry or stew would probably be just as useful.

I think if it was not so expensive I would even consider upping the dose :grin:

its the Medium-chain triglycerides that are the important bit seemingly. wonder rif eating bounty bars counts? probably not.

Hi this brings me back to when my uncle was alive, he always said he felt better after eating one of his many bounty bars he had a very sweet tooth :smile:

i shall bravely volunteer to experiment tomorrow with a bounty bar. if i survive i shall report back.

very very very interesting article here

I have been on a near-ketogenic diet since wednesday - as expected have lost 2 litres of excess water (2kg weight loss). oedema has decreased significantly and breathlessness improved.stopped water tablet. walking improved as ankles less sore.
blood pressure ok. less sleepy during day.

had been eating lots of sugar and putting on 1kg every month or two so had to do something.

glucose not available for brain cells in pd
sn cells die off
ketones replace glucose so cells remain active and pd slows
brain works better with required energy supply
sugar craving may be an effect of glucose problems

best source of ketones: coconut oil, palm oil, butter, goat/sheep cheese

concerns: heart conditions, constipation


experiment postponed due to influenzae homopatheticus

near-ketonic diet a [u]disaster[/u] - pd got MUCH worse, meds not working, but immediate effect from one sugary biscuit! think this proves, for myself, that sugar can't be replaced with fat, though perhaps if i eat a lot of coconuts....

BUT! Lots of news about the difference between glucose and fructose - and the baddy is FRUCTOSE (boo hiss). Glucose is to a large extent used in the brain, fructose's sole function is to make your jeans shrink.

SO- if you are in need of a sugar hit, seemingly it should be GLUCOSE not fructose. And worse of all is a mixture.

Thanks for all this info Turnip, its really appreciated.


Once again Turnip you are a mind of information, very useful and interesting as my husband has always been an avid bounty bar eater. I think I might try the oil myself as I need all the help I can get to keep my brain working, you know the saying dumb blonde, that's me only slightly grey now.
I hope you feel better turnip.
best wishes

cant tell what is a bad cold and what is not. if it wasnt for the high blood pressure and would advise taking a pinch of salt with my theories! however the stuff about fructose was in the daily mail so it must be common knowledge.

pure glucose is not always easy to get but i got some jelly beans at the pharmacy probably intended for diabetics.