Coconut Oil


Like Borage oil, I have found that cold pressed Coconut Oil appears to assist my wellbeing in many ways; and as eating fresh coconut is not very feasible where I live, eating the occasional sandwich with the oil spread like butter on bread, seems a great way to benefit from some of its natural goodness.



I have been eating coconut oil most days for the past few months. I use it as my cooking oil, blend it into smoothies, mix it into porridge, basically I shove it into whatever I can! Not sure how much it's helping but from what I've read it's very good for neurological diseases.


I use it on my skin :rolling_eyes:

I hadnt heard of ingesting to being good for PK so will research further.

Would putting it on my skin have any PK positive effect? It is lovely as a oil/moisturiser. My kids love it too:grin:

There are lots of articles relaying the possible benefit for a whole host of conditions, and if it 'oils' the cells in the nervous system, then a little in the diet may be very useful; which is why I thought I would try it out.

It would be interesting to see genuine statistics on PD / health, in relation to regions where this oil is the predominate cooking medium; so if you find some please let me know.