Coconut Oil

I bought some, It's a white hard butter like product. How on earth do you eat it? How mucg?

Taste pretty disgusting too..!
You can buy deodorised coconut oil. ( P M for supplier)I cannot imagine eating it by the spoonful but it is lovely used in cooking. Add to your scrambled eggs for example. It is really digestible. If you bake use it to make scones, crumble or pastry. It makes paricularly good scones.I think some people use it in coffee instead of cream but that sounds horrible to me.
the taste of paradise - bounty!
dried cocnut flakes are quite tasty but i've not seen them in the uk.
coconut-milk is nice in curries.
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My husband recently made a vegan chocolate torte which used coconut oil. They were delicious. You can find loads of recipes for this on the internet though some have a number of costly ingredients.

There are also a few recipes that use coconut oil here:

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You can buy coconut flakes over the Internet usually from Raw Food shops. Thanks for the website I shall certainly look it up.
We use it to cook with, instead of oil, or add it to what you are cooking.
The following recipe comes from Rose Elliot's book,The Vegetarian Low -Carb Diet.. She says that she adaptedf this from an original recipe by Marie Sooklaris submitted to the Coconut Discussion group on the Internet. This is a low carb recipe so she uses stevia or low carb sweetener of choice. ........but one could use sugar. You can replace the almonds with flax seeds( linseeds) Do not use ready ground almonds (called almond flour in .U.S )as it is too fine. I (E.C.D ) make double the amount but use the same size tin to make a fatter bar. A tasty,enjoyable way to eat coconut oil.
Chocolate Almond Bark.
55g (2oz) almonds
85g( 3oz) virgin coconut oil
2 teaspoons cocoa powder
Stevia or your chosen low carb sweetener. ( Please see note above ..ECD)
1.Line a 33x23 cm (13x9 in) Swiss roll tin with a piece of non stick paper. Then place the tin in the freezer to chill while you prepare the mixture.
2. Put the almonds in a coffee- grinder and grind them fairly finely but not to a powder. Spread them out on a baking tin or grill pan and toast under a hot grill for 1 -2 minutes until golden brown
3. Meanwhile,melt the coconut oil in a saucepan over a gentle heat taking care not to let it get too hot.
4. Remove from the heat and stir in the cocoa powder, toasted almonds and stevia or sweetener to taste.
5. Pour the mixture into the chilled and lined tin,tipping the tin so that the mixture spreads out thinly , thought it won't cover the base completely. Make sure the nuts are fairly evenly distributed.
6. Put in the freezer for a few minutes until it is set. It will then break with a crisp "snap."Keep in the freezer,either in the tin or,broken into pieces, in a suitable container.
Mint Choc Crisp.a
Try making this with a few drops of peppermint oil or peppermint flavouring added.

I love a big desertspoonful of coconut oil melted into my porridge (morning and night!) and feel it's making a real difference to my mobility and general well being.  Try it!