Coconut Oil

I keep hearing the odd report of how beneficial coconut oil is when ingested (as well as a cosmetic!).

Does anyone out there have any experience of taking coconut oil? in what quantities? for how long and with what effects?  It would be good to hear a very brief background to each reply - e.g. how long with PD; present state of PD; other ailments etc. etc..


Hi Day I have been taking coconut oil first thing in a morning  on toast  instead of butter. I try to have around 3teaspoons per day. I don't know if it as helped with my PD,but I have lost weight and it iis fantastic for your skin  and hair,it's also good for dry mouth and nose. It as numerous uses and I would not be without it now.I use the organic. I also take manuka Honey in cider vinegar which really helps my joint pains.Ive been DX 9 yrs  Regards Angel 4ux

Thanks Angel, very helpful.


Anyone else using coconut oil to help PD symptoms?

Have recently started using coconut oil as spread or for cooking with, also in smoothies.

We looked at this website particularly looking at the section on Parkinson's Disease and Alzheimer's.


I will take a look at the above website. Many thanks