Cod liver oil

does anyone else take cod liver oil/capsules,i find they help me joints athritus,pd,etc,dr surgested it tome ,ive not long been takin erm,and may be it is workin or scicerlogical ,not to sure,does anyone else have erm,and do they help you at all?:smile:

I'm surprised the oil is pure enough, given that "good ole cod" is one of the dirtiest fish in the seas. Mr Cod hoovers his way along the sea bed munching up any old cack he comes across; that's why round the back of most fish and chip shops you'll find so many supermarket trolleys, old fridges, dead cats and the remains of assorted Victorian sailors.

Here in Hull - still a major fishing port - there are well over a hundred chippies, none of which stocks cod. Anyone asking for it will get a few very strange looks, after which they will be referred to using a quaint old Yorkshire word: "tourist."

Locals, of course, just ask for "fish and chips", the official translation of which is "haddock, chips and scraps please mate."


Hi Ali
there is no harm in taking cod liver oil, if it helps you then it can only be a good thing.
Cod liver oil is widely taken to ease the pain and joint stiffness associated with arthritis, It may have a positive effect on heart, bone, as well as helping to repair wounded skin, hair, nails, and teeth.

Cod liver oil and fish oil are similar, but cod liver oil has higher levels of vitamins A and D. People consuming cod liver oil as a source of omega-3 fatty acids should pay attention to how much vitamin A and vitamin D this adds to their diet.

Cod liver oil may be an effective complementary measure for long-term treatment of multiple sclerosis.

love PB x
Oh, boo to you PB, I was enjoying writing all that nonsense! :laughing:

What nonsense can I dream up now?

I took cod liver oil for many years, sadly it did nothing to ease my arthritis hence two hip replacements in the last couple of months. Perhaps I was just unlucky. No harm in giving it a go to see if it works for you.
I have a 1 page diet which gives advice on what to eat & not eat for curing arthritus. It worked on my mother-in-law, she became pain free in a matter of about 3 months. If anyone wants a copy of it I can e-mail it to you, just e-mail me via this site.
Ray you really do amuse me!
As an original East Hull girl married to a Hessle Road boy I quite agree! COD is a swear word in our house - haddock all the way!!

I was brought up on cod liver oil (the bottle stuff before capsules) and can still remember the taste forever repeating!!

I`m prepared to give it a go if it works, i`ll try anything - anyway isn`t it produced in Hull?

Big C
hello ali j
We used to take codliver oil to be healthy after my husband had cardio stents but then we learnt that the omega 3 oil is greater in fish oil capsules so we are taking them at 4000mg per day. We certainly feel healthy but don`t know if it has affected the pd, not detrimentally anyway. We buy them online from vitaminsdirect which is the cheapest price we`ve found.
It`s sunny here now so going to rush out doors.
HI Cod liver oil is very nice , but I reckon Halibut oil is nicer,You have to be wealthier to get it so I don't very often. Down in Lowestoft we can still get Cod in our chippies as well as Haddock,Plaice and SKate, but we have lost most of the fishing fleet.Do you still get potato scallops up north?
Hi Ali J
I used to take Cod liver oil before the onset of Mr pd. Found that it helped my arthritis quite a bit. Got rid of a lot of earwax as well. I found the liquid better to take as well as being cheaper. I have not tried it since I was diagnosed with Mr pd - did not like to mix things until the neuro has finally finished experimenting with my medication.
Hi Jemima
I`m not sure they still sell potato scallops never had them, but they do sell patty's, mushy peas, scraps & pickle eggs up here in Yorkshire!

I`ve never tried halibut oil, how does it taste? is it better for you than cod liver oil? I`ve always been put off taking capsules because of what they are made of & the oil is disgusting! :laughing: