Coffee and shoulder

Hi, I’m a 41 year old male, recently been diagnosed with PD (pose DAT scan assessment). I primarily get shaking down my whole left hand side, at worst it goes from my head to my toes. I’m not yet taking any medication. I have a few questions I was hoping someone can assist with please.

  1. I’ve noticed drinking coffee (bean extracted not instant) exacerbates my symptoms, is this true for anyone else? I really love(d) coffee!

  2. I’ve had a stubborn frozen shoulder for at least 3 months, I’ve heard this is a common PD symptom, can anyone offer any tried and tested remedy to this? I’ve had acupuncture and sports massages.

  3. I have (some small like 30min) periods of the day where my symptoms vanish, is this normal?

Many thanks

Good evening Fuse23 & welcome to our forum.

If you lurk here as much as I do you will soon realise that us Parkinson’s sufferers
are quite different to each other. One drugs works for some but not others. Most of our symptoms vary.

So I’m afraid if you’ve noticed drinking bean extracted coffee worsens your symptoms then you should stop drinking it. Maybe return to it in 6 months & see if you are better.

Parkinson’s is a disease of the brain & as we know coffee affects our brains to a greater or lesser extent. Maybe experiment with decaf coffee.

Parkinson’s affects my back & legs, my arms & shoulders are fine … but I do get the shakes when eating or drinking … For me Amitriptyline [Neuropathy] works well for stiffness & pain relief. There is also Ibuprofen that works well for me but is discouraged for over 70’s.

My symptoms are worsened when I sit down, the harder the seat the worse I feel.
I have no problems lying down. When I lie down I feel as though there is nothing wrong with me.

As I said we are all different.

Best of luck.

Hi @Fuse23 I used to find that coffee made my tremors much worse before I started medication but now its not so bad. I’m not a big coffee drinker though so it’s not a problem for me!

Hi, I don’t have much of a tremor but it’s worse when tires and stressed. Coffee can worsen it but an overlap with coffee and tiredness. Coffee causes tremor in healthy people as well so you probably have an overlap of both. If it’s bothering you then you need to cut down and maybe try a caffeine free version, there are some fairly nice ones these days.

There are other causes for frozen shoulders other than PD. If you haven’t ,ask your GP about it and see if you can get a referral to a physiotherapist. In some areas you can directly refer yourself to Physio without going through the GP.

Hello Fuse23
Welcome to the forum. I’m not a Parkinson’s sufferer but a wife/carer to my husband who does have Parkinson’s.
For him Coffee is his life saver, although not drunk as ground beans, (not that he’s adverse to a good freshly ground expresso just we don’t make it at home) good old instant for him sees him through night & day. His Parkinsons nurse told him many of her patients use coffee as the stimulus it is and always recommended one prior yo taking a cognitive test.
With or without coffee he has never had a strong tremour, when it does appear is when he is tired, anxious and/or stressed. Starting medication and continuing to monitor over the 13 years he has been diagnosed has worked well for him.
As others have said there is no 2 alike in how Parkinson’s presents in sufferers, what works for one doesn’t for another.
I hope you get some relief for your shoulder. Regards Jane (Plus1)

I’ve used poultices as recommrnded by Barbara o’neill on youtube.( Ginger poultice)
Can be a bit awkward to keep in place, depending where the pain is, used it for a couple of days before any signs of relief.