Cog-wheeling - Does everyone with Parkinson's have this symptom?


I have today been told by my GP that the consultant I saw said I don’t have cog-wheeling so therefore don’t have Parkinson’s, despite having other symptoms including a tremor in right arm and leg. The consultant didn’t tell me anything except I didn’t have Parkinson’s, and did very little to examine me, so this was the first I had heard of it.
Can anyone tell me if a lack of cog-wheeling in my wrists means I definitely am free of Parkinson’s.
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When I first saw my neurologist she spent ages trying to find cog wheeling and eventually did say that she had so I think it may sometimes be difficult to detect.


What exactly is cog wheeling pls?


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Cogwheeling in Parkinson’s disease is that jerky feeling in your arm or leg that you (or your doctor) can sense when rotating that limb or joint. It is an early symptom of Parkinson’s.

What Is Cogwheeling?

The feeling is similar to a ratchet wrench that hesitates before “clicking” forward into its next position. Cogwheeling was named for the cogwheel, a toothed wheel or gear that clicks forward and back, rather than running smoothly.


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I am no expert but cog-wheeling is not mandatory for diagnosis, especially early on, and can be difficult to detect by non-experts. However, our GP detected it in my husband, the first (useless) neurologist he saw declared his neurological examination was “essentially normal”(!), and the movement disorders specialist neurologist we went to for a second opinion examined my husband carefully and told him he had Parkinson’s.

There is a very good lay summary of the most recent (2016) diagnostic criteria for Parkinson’s here:


Thank you again Mountainair, I shall keep pushing for a more thorough diagnostic appintment.


Thank you for explaining it, I wasnt too sure!


Thank you, that is useful to know


I was examined by three doctors that said I had definite cog wheeling. When I was examined by them again many months later, they all said they noticed an improvement. I think my improved exercise helped it. Then it got worse. I think it can depend on what kind of day you are having when you are examined.


That is interesting Lilac, as I was having a good day when he checked my wrists. Plus as I have osteoarthritis in my hands, etc, I am aware of keeping my hands moving as I don’t want them to stiffen up. Sorry for delay in responding, I am away at the moment.