Coincidence or what?

I've just been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, but strangely, my neighbour was diagnosed 2 years ago with the same thing.
Is there any research into the chances of this being caused by something in the environment? We live in a small rural village with a population of 300.
Just seems a bit odd to me!
Hi and welcome.

There are some possibilities about environmental factors 'giving you' PD. But the links seem a bit tenuousa the moment. It is probable that it's just a coincidence.

Almost everyone knows someone with PD. I know 2!!, and one of them is me
Hello Twinks. Welcome to the forum. I wrote a post in August that was almost the same as yours. This is it:
Posted - 19 Aug 2012 23:18
I live in a semi-detached house. My sister and brother-in-law live in the house attached to my mine.I was diagnosed with idiopathic PD 18 months ago, after living here for 16 and a half years. My brother-in-law has just been diagnosed with idiopathic PD after living here 16 and a half years. (They moved in 18 months after us).
I think that 1 in 500 of the population will be diagnosed with PD, therefore the chance of the two of us living in the same house getting PD is one in 250,000. (My maths leaves a lot to be desired so I might have calculated that wrongly. Please correct me if that is the case) Especially strange is the fact that it has occurred at exactly the same length of time that we have been living here. We are obviously not blood relations either.
Perhaps something in the environment is a trigger?

I too live in small village (of about 100 people). My thread was under "Carers family and friends'. It was also called " Is this a coincidence?". The thread wanders off a bit, but there are some good comments by other members. Like you, I wonder if it is more than a coincidence.
Hi Twinks. I don't know if there has been much research into the question of whether or not environmental factors may be involved in the onset of PD. Probably inconclusive. Things like chemical pesticides, solvents, electricity pylons, industrial processes such as steel production, exhaust emissions, food additives and preservatives. It would involve monitoring many hundreds of sufferers over many years in carefully controlled clinical trials to come up with a meaningful conclusion. Age would have to be taken into account too. I suspect that what appear to be coincidental cases are most likely to be just that. Coincidence. I wouldn't worry. All the best!