Cold arms

Hi All
Does anyone else get this?

I have been experiencing a very cold feeling in my upper arm (the dodgy one). The rest of me is fine, just my arm is affected.

Can't find a draught in the house so it must be me!
Does it just feel cold, or anything else? (e.g. pins & needles). Does it EVER happen to other limbs or parts?
Nope, no pins and needles and just in my arm. Why?
Ususally cold extremities mean the blood is being diverted elswhere, where it is needed for some more urgent requirement. It would pick on that particular arm because (at the moment) that's your weakest spot, therefore most expendable in an emergency.

However this theory doesn't work in this instance, as the affected area is your UPPER arm. Suggest you see your nurse or doctor, or phone our help line (above) to see if this is a symptom which has ever been linked with PD before.

Alternatively do a few forum searches to see if anything like it has been posted before.
Hi Caroline
Yes I get similar. The hand on my affected side is cold especially in the winter. I also have swelling of my foot on the affected side. I think these problems are to do with pd and have been trying to research it on line. Not found anything yet.
Be interested to hear from any others who are affected in this way.
I'm not sure about upper arms, but on the subject of extremities...

I have noticed that my left hand (the 'poorly' one) and my left foot are noticeably colder than my equivalent right extremities. (I first noticed this four or five years before diagnosis.)

I mentioned this observation to my consultant, who said it was a simple result of my not making use of the left hand side as much as the right - i.e. the right hand and foot were working harder than the left, and so demanded higher blood flow.

This is, I believe, essentially what Ray is talking about.

I've pretty much always had cold feet. This has the positive side effect that my feet don't, generally, get very pongy. I've usually put this down to long legs and being female (honest, more women have cold feet than men; this in itself is a result of the differences in metabolism between the genders. Basically, us girlies are more efficient than men and exude less heat. Instead, we store our energy as fat.)
Hi Caroline,

I've never heard of a PWP experiencing coldness in the upper part of a limb so I'm inclined to agree with Ray that maybe discussing this with a PD nurse or the helpline would be your best first step in trying to discover the cause. Do let us know how things turn out.

However, I do believe that the extremities (hands and feet) can be affected. At one of my neurology appointments, I broached the subject of seemingly poor circulation and Parkinson's with the doctor and was told categorically there was no connection. Do I believe him? Absolutlely not! My right side is affected and I'm very aware that my right hand is not the same colour as my left. It usually has a blue tinge and feels cooler to the touch, regardless of what activity, if any, I am engaged in. I'm sitting here typing with both hands and the difference is clearly evident. I don't get to look at my bare feet that often but I think the same applies to them.

These symptoms came on gradually, beginning around the time of diagnosis, and seem to have plateaued. Of course, this is just my personal experience and I'm resigned to the fact that there's nothing to be done about it. And just because I have these symptoms, doesn't mean there's a whole bunch of people out there with the same. That's one of the Parkinson's quirks - no two people are the same.
yes my husband has cold arms / cold nose etc . Once he gets cold he finds it hard to get warm again . I usually end up getting to do some sort of exercises even from his armchair clapping hans punching ets . it works for .
He also has atrial fibrillation which has seemed to come with the Parkinsons with all the other problems it brings . lol got to laugh sometimes haven't you
If I do get cold bits it is completely masked by the personal summer I carry around with me being menopausal!!!! (Not a helpful recommendation for the blokes I know!)