Cold/ flu and P.D

Hi I have  had a cold and nasty chesty cough for near on a month, it just wont shift. I have only been taking beechams caffine free cold n flu tablets and broncho stop herbal cough syrup.

My joints have become more stiff than usual and I feel this is worse than any other cold I've ever had.!! I cancelled my flu jab as I didn't see the point at the minute.

Anyone got any tips on getting rid of this and maybe something that will help boost my immune system??

Rum or brandy, wisky with honey before bedtime next morning your feel great

At bedtime.......

Hi nittyboo - I would put some diluted orange lnto a mug, fill with hot water, put a couple of tablespoons of whiskey in then a beechams powder, give it a stir and drink, always works for me and OH. Even though I have PD I still drink it - all the best

Sheila x

Hi nittyboo, 

Have you spoken to your GP about this? If it has been ongoing for a month it might be worth having a conversation with them, it can't be nice for you feeling this way for so long. 



Does anyone think a virus can affect Parkinsons?  My husband had a virus at half term (end Oct) and since then his meds aren't lasting and finish abruptly.  The virus has gone although he has a residual cough.