Cold hand

Hi hope everyone is well. Just wondering does anyone experience cold hands one more frozen than the other. I have asked the pd nurse and gp however they have no explanation to why just wondering if anyone else experiences this

Yes my husband diagnosed last July, he does,his hands are freezing sometimes and purple blue. He has not spoke to neurologist about it as he’s just been having tele consultations every 6 months and tbh she’s as useful as a chocolate fireguard lol.

Hi @Poppet thanks for your reply. Yes I just can’t believe there’s nothing else they know about having such cold hands. My dad has experienced this for the last few months. He doesn’t have a colour change however as you mentioned your husbands turns purple blue the nurse did say it’s because if one hand is the stiff one then that’s why it tends to change colour from the blood flow whereas the other arm tends to work more