Cold hand

Hi hope everyone is well. Just wondering does anyone experience cold hands one more frozen than the other. I have asked the pd nurse and gp however they have no explanation to why just wondering if anyone else experiences this

Yes my husband diagnosed last July, he does,his hands are freezing sometimes and purple blue. He has not spoke to neurologist about it as he’s just been having tele consultations every 6 months and tbh she’s as useful as a chocolate fireguard lol.

Hi @Poppet thanks for your reply. Yes I just can’t believe there’s nothing else they know about having such cold hands. My dad has experienced this for the last few months. He doesn’t have a colour change however as you mentioned your husbands turns purple blue the nurse did say it’s because if one hand is the stiff one then that’s why it tends to change colour from the blood flow whereas the other arm tends to work more

Hi, old topic, but my worse hand def gets colder than the better especialle during colder months. I gather the blood just doesn’t circulate as much on the stiffer hand, less movement.

I was diagnosed nearly two years ago. My hands are cold most of the time which noticed after coming to UK ( 13 years ago). Patients always says your hands are cold and then we laugh together - cold hands and warm heart.
But since last October I have noticed that whenever the atmospheric temperature goes down my hands becoming cold especially the left one and it’s progressing towards the arm, hand became very pale etc. GP referred me to the Rheumatologist and they said it’s raynauds disease( another one added to the list). But when I spoke with acute medicine consultant he sent me for ct scan which showed a kink in my artery supplying to the left arm. It’s not sure congenital. So he referred me to the vascular team. Vascular surgeon requested for a special scan and which will be on 7th September after 6 months wait.
Be honest I didn’t try to connect with PD but after reading this post I am thinking…

Yeah I guess I never thought about one hand being colder due to being less use in the hand or arm… heated mits and footsies at the ready

Oh wow did you get an answer to what it could be? I just assumed it was Parkinson’s related as the doctors and nurses have just said it’s nothing serious