Cold hands

Since my PD became evident and was diagnosed a year ago I have noticed that my hands are often very cold, even when the rest of me is perfectly warm and comfortable. I understand this can be caused by PD affecting the circulation. Any tips for how to deal with it, improve the circulation? 



Hi jjbxl........I have almost always got cold hands even before i had PD but definitely worse now, i like to dance and people do like to make comments on how cold my hands always are! i joke and just say i don't have enough blood to reach my hands, but they do really get quite icy. My Husband has the same problem though thankfully he does not have any PD and keeps pretty good health, he usually wears fingerless gloves......summer and winter!! even indoors with the heating on!idea

I wish i could give you an answer....apart from keeping them moving and wearing gloves! sorry

Yes I notice my affected hand always feels colder than the other although to the touch there is probably not much difference. I think this is because my arm/hand does not often join in with activity like the other unless I'm consciously moving it. I must admit that since diagnosis I am much more aware of what my arm is or isn't doing and I make every effort to get it moving. I sometimes wonder if I look like an air traffic controller in a frenzyeek

I always have a cold right hand .My tremor is worse in that hand also .My left arm is very stiff can only turn my hand half way when arm outstretched .I’m not diagnosed with Parkinson’s yet they say probably et and fnd. But have resting tremors and intention tremors plus action tremors .150mg primindone not helping also 500mcg clonazepam at night. 3 Dr say Parkinson’s symptoms. But datscan normal 2 yrs ago .can anyone help on this .this is my first time on here .

I am on Sinemet plus which I take 2 tabs each 5 times a day at 3 hourly intervals,My second doze is at 11am and at this time my parkinson is high. My hands are cold.I take an extra doze of one tab of dispersible Madopar 50 mg/12.5 mg , This generally improves the Parkinson and after half an hour later the blood circulation improves and the hands become warm again.