Cold remedies and Parkinsons

I have a really bad cold and want to take Lemsip to help relieve the symptoms. Can anyone tell me if it’s ok to use Lemsip if I’m taking Half Sinemet?

My PD nurse kindly sent me a booklet Drug Treatments for Parkinsons. Under cold remedies it says many decongestants can stop Parkinsons medication working properly. Especially important if taking selegiline, rasagiline and safinamide. They can also increase risk of side effects. Always check with your pharmacist before taking cold remedies.

Hope this helps.

I’m on rasagiline and sinemet. The rasagiline leaflet says that one of the things in lemsip interacts with it (pseudophedrine?). Not sure about sinemet but the leaflet should say or else ask your pharmacist.